014004 – Systems Analysis

Course overview

To get to know the field also known as “Operations research”: the use of analytical/quantitative models for decision making. Problem formulation and solution methods will be covered. The first half of the course is devoted to the definition of optimization problems and solution approaches, in particular Linear Programming (LP) that is an important tool to solve optimization problems: problem formulation, the simplex method, the dual problem, sensitivity analysis, the use of computer programs to solve LP, the interpretation of the solution, and problems of special structure.

The second half of the course is devoted to additional topics: Dynamic Programming, the formulation of dynamic programming problems and their solution, the recursive equation; introduction to Integer Programming; Decision Making under uncertainty.


014003 – Statistics

014603 – Engineering Economics

234112 – Programming C

Reading Requirements: 

  •  U. Shamir, “Systems Analysis”, Michlol, 1980. (in Hebrew)
  •  U. Shamir, D. Armon, “Statistics for Civil Engineers”, Michlol, 1978 (in Hebrew)
  • Hillier G. S. , Lieberman G. J., “Operations Research”, 7th Ed., McGraw Hill, 2001. (6th Ed., 1995), (4th edition in Hebrew translation).
  • A. Ceder, “Systems Analysis as an introduction to Operations Research”, Technion, 1999.

Contact Hours per Week

Lecture: 2 hours

Recitation: 2 hours