014103 – Introduction to Engineering Mechanics

014103 – Introduction to Engineering Mechanics


Weekly Lecture Topics

1. Introduction to Mechanics

2. The rigid body

3. Vector formulation of force and moment

4. Equivalent systems and the simplest equivalent system

5. Equilibrium of a particle and equilibrium of a rigid body

6. Point loads and distributed loads

7. Centers of area, mass and gravity; second moment of the area (moment of inertia)

8. Introduction to structures

9. Equilibrium of multi-body structure; Frames

10. Planar and space trusses

11. Beams and frames – 2-D and 3-D formulation

12. Differential and integral relationships for beams with distributed loads

13. Generalization of formulation for a planar frame and arch

14. Cables



114051 – Physics 1


Student Evaluation

Tutorials Participation is mandatory.

Homework – 10%

Weekly submission of the homework is mandatory.

Pop-quizzes – 10%

Midterm exam – 25%:

If the final exam grade is greater than the midterm grade, then the midterm grade will not be taken into account. Students are highly encouraged, but not required, to take the midterm exam.

Final Exam – 55% or 80%:

A grade of 55% at least is required on the exam in order to pass the course. An overall grade of 65% is required to pass the course.


Course Material

  • D. Yankelevsky, “Introduction to Engineering Mechanics – Statics”, lecture notes, Michlol
  • Course lecture notes, homework and supporting material posted to the course’s Moodle website


Additional Material

  • Beer F. P. and Johnston E. R., “Vector Mechanics for Engineers, Statics”, Second SI Metric Edition, McGraw-Hill, 1990
  •  Meriam J. L., “Statics”, John-Wiley, (SI Edition)
  • Shames I.E., “Engineering Mechanics, Statics”, Prentice-Hall


Contact Hours per Week

Lecture: 3 hours

Recitation: 2 hours