014108 – Statics of Structures 1

Lecture Topics

1.       Diagrams of internal forces and influence lines in statically determinate structures.

2.       Betti’s theorem and calculations of elastic deflections.

3.       Flexibility (force) method.

4.       Stiffness (displacement) method.

5.       Influence lines in statically indeterminate structures.


014104 – Strength of Materials 1

Student Evaluation

Homework – 10%

Midterm exam – 30%

Participation is optional. If the final exam grade is higher than the midterm exam grade, then the midterm will not be taken into account.

Final Exam – 60% or 90%

A grade of 55% at least is required on the exam in order to pass the course.

Reading Requirements

  • Kirsh, A. “Structural Statistics – Summary of Lectures, Examples of Solutions, Assisting Tables”.
  • Deklo, M., Farjh, D. “Structural Statistics – Exercise book”. ·         Kirsh, A., “Structural Statistics – Exercises”.
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  • Ghali A, Neville AM, Brown TG, “Structural Analysis: A Unified Classical and Matrix Approach:, Spon Press, 2003.

Contact Hours per Week

Lecture: 2 hours

Recitation: 2 hours

Credit: 3.0