014123 – Concrete Structures 1

Course Themes

  • Review of concrete and reinforcing steel properties
  • Limit states analysis
  • Analysis of cracked and un-cracked sections
  • Continuous reinforced concrete beams
  • One way solid slabs
  • Shear in reinforced concrete beams
  • Columns
  • One way ribbed slabs

Weekly Lecture Topics (tentative)

1. Properties of materials

2. Limit cases; Moment envelope

3. Service Limit State (SLS); Simplified method for deflection control

4. Simplified (cont.) and detailed methods for deflection control

5. Crack control; Flexural design at Ultimate Limit State (ULS) – introduction

6. Flexural design at ULS T-sections

7. One way solid slabs

8. Bond and anchorage; Curtailment of longitudinal reinforcement

9. Design for shear

10. Redistribution of moments; General structural requirements

11. Design of members and cross-sections subjected to axial load and moment (columns)

12. Design of members and cross-sections subjected to axial load and moment (columns); (cont.)

13. Ribbed slabs


  • 014008 – Graphical Engineering Information
  • 014108 – Structural Analysis
  • 014505 – Building Materials

Student Evaluation



  • Moodle
  • <<< documents/books according to the decision of the lecturer; e.g. Eurocode 2 & additional related EN’s or ACI318-08 >>>
  • MacGregor J. G., “Reinforced Concrete – Mechanics and Design”, Prentice Hall.
  • Park R. and Paulay T., “Reinforced Concrete Structures”, John Wiley & Sons.
  • Winter, G. and Nilson A. H., “Design of Concrete Structures”, McGraw-Hill.
  • SII 466 §1, “Concrete Code: General Principles,” The Standards Institution of Israel, 2003, with amendment 1, December 2005. (Hebrew)
  • SII 466 §2, “Concrete Code: Reinforced and Unreinforced Concrete Structures,” The Standards Institution of Israel, 1979, with Amendments 1-3 to SII 466 §2 (combined version), 1996. Subject to “temporary instructions,” as set forth in §1. (Hebrew)
  • Pisanty, A., “Fundamentals of Reinforced Concrete Design.” The book is also available at http://www.pisanty.com/. (Hebrew)

Contact Hours per Week

Lecture: 3 hours

Recitation: 1 hour