014322 – Water and Wastewater Treatment


054131 – Int. to Chemical and Biochemical Eng. and/ or 124114 – Principles of Chemistry

054131 – Int. to Chemical and Biochemical Eng. and/or 124120 – Principles of Chemistry

124503 – Physical Chemistry 1b and/or 125011 – General Chemistry + Lab

Overlapping courses:

014316 – Int. to Environmental Engineering

014959 – Environmental Quality Control

074103 – Environmental Quality Control

Incorporated courses:  

014315 – Fundamentals of Environmental Engineering

Course Description:

Water quality for various uses, potable water quality regulations. Principles of water treatment processes. Separation of non-dissolved solids: sedimentation, filtration, flocculation. Gas transfer, disinfection. Separation of dissolved solids. Municipal wastewater characterization, regulations for effluent quality. Wastewater treatment processes: pretreatment, primary sedimentation, biological treatment. Sludge treatment. Effluent reuse.

Contact hours per week:

Laboratory: 1 hour

Recitation: 2 hours