014320 – Water Chemistry

Water Chemistry – 014320


Course Objective

Solutions: Weak acid/base equilibria. Effect of ionic strengh and temperature on equilibrium constants. The carbobnate system. Buffer intensity. Development of equations for the various forms of alkalinity and acidity. Solving of acid-base problems related to water treatment. Aqueous-gas phase equilibrium. Aqueous-solid phase equilibrium. Calculation of precipitation potential. Water softening. Water disinfection. Analytical methods related to water quality control, water treatment processes, characterization of water sources and wastewater treatment. Laboratory coverage of the main analytical techniques used for characterizing water and determining contaminants in water.



Principles of Chemistry 124120 or General Chemistry 125001 or General Chemistry + Lab 125011


Contact hours

Lecture: 2 hours

Recitation: 1 hours

Credit points: 3