014320 – Water Chemistry

Teaching Staff

Teacher: A/Prof Ori Lahav

Telephone: 2191

Email: agori@tx.technion.ac.il

Rabin Bldg, Room 631

Always available for questions, appointments via e-mail.

Tutor: Dr. Liat Birnhack

Email:  birbirit@tx.technion.ac.il

Telephone: 2627

Agricultural Eng Bldg, Room 325




Lecture Topic





1 Introduction to aqueous phase reaction Yes
2 Introduction to acids and bases #1 (introduction) + HW # 1 Yes
3 Equivalent solutions, equivalent points, monoprotic, diprotic and triprotic weak acids No
4 Definition and mathematical development of the terms alkalinity and acidity #2 (graphic approach for solving simple acid base problems) + HW #2 No
5 Water characterization; potentiometric titrations, buffer capacity, Alk lab measurement; Gran’s method #3 (graphic approach for solving complex problems)+ HW #3 No
6 Solving complex acid-base problems # 4 (graphic approach for solving problems of mixed solutions)+ HW #4 No
7 Henry’s law. Solving problems involving gas phase – aqueous phase equilibrium Yes
8 Solid phase – aqueous phase equilibrium # 5 (aqueous-gaseous equilibrium and introduction to solid phase equilibrium)+ HW #5 Yes
9  Water softening Yes
10 Water stabilization # 6 (solid phase equilibrium)+ HW #6 Yes
11 Redox reactions Yes
12 Disinfection  #7 (softening) Yes
13 Ion exchange Yes
14 Solving previous years’ exams No


1. Homework should be returned two weeks after receipt. Every two students can submit together.

2. The final mark is comprised of 70% exam mark and 30% average homework marks.

Recommended literature

1. Stumm, James, Morgan Werner (1996) Aquatic Chemistry: an introduction emphasizing chemical equilibria in natural waters.

2. Sawyer, McCarthy and Parkin (1994) Chemistry for Environmental Engineering.

3. Lahav and Birnhack, course notes in English (at Civil Eng. library)

Contact Hours per Week

Lecture: 2 hours

Recitation: 1 hour

Credit: 2.5