014325 – Design of water and wastewater systems

Design of Water and Wastewater System – 014325



(Hydraulics 014205 and Water and Wastewater Treatment 014322 and Engineering

Economics 014603)

Incorporated Courses: Design Principles of Water Supply Syst. 014208

Water Supply and Wastewater Collection 014323


Course Subjects

Principles of design and operation of water supply systems and wastewater

collection. Calculation of water supply networks and wastewater collection systems.

Goal, structure and preparation of an engineering project. Objectives of general

planning, data collection and processing for design. Techno-economic evaluation and

comparison of design alternatives. Topics in water and wastewater systems design.

Project of general planning of water treatment and supply system.


Contact Hours per Week

Lecture: 3 hours

Recitation: 1 Hours

Credit points: 4