014405 – Engineering Geology

Engineering Geology – 014405


Course Objectives

The course is divided roughly into two parts:

The first part contains topics relating to geological materials, which form rocks of different types, identifying rocks and important engineering properties of different rocks and minerals.

The second part contains different topics from general and engineering geology, with an emphasis on geological tools within engineering fields. The exercises will include practical labs on the subjects of identifying minerals, identification and classification of rocks, and understanding geological maps.



014104 – Strength of Materials 1


Lecture topics

  1. Introduction, architecture of the earth.
  2. Minerals, what is a mineral, mineral groups, identifying minerals, rock forming minerals
  3. Rocks, introduction to the Rock Cycle. Igneous rocks, intrusive, extrusive, volcanoes.
  4. Sedimentary Rocks. Sedimentary processes, erosion, transport, deposition, lithification. Clastic sedimentary rocks versus chemical sedimentary rocks. Identifying sedimentary rocks. Important properties of sedimentary rocks in Israel.
  5. Metamorphic Rocks. Causes and effects. Texture changes, changes in component mineralogy.
  6. Plate tectonics. Concept of continental drift, evidence. Effects, spreading rates. Ocean geomorphology.

7 & 8. Structural geology. Correlation, faulting, folding, stresses conditions, introduction to strike dip and geological maps.

  1. Engineering seismology, seismic waves qualitative site effect, liquefaction.
  2. Geological time. Relative time, fossils. Absolute time.
  3. Sinkholes along the Dead Sea. Why are they forming, where are they forming
  4. Slope stability, mass wasting.


Contact Hours per Week

Lecture: 2 hours

Recitation: 1 Hours

Credit points: 2