014409 – Geomechanics

Course Objectives

The course is an integration of strength of materials and building materials, analytical description of empirical
observation. The idea of the course is to transfer the rules of soil response/behavior into analytical form. The course is divided roughly into three parts: (i) Indicative properties of soils, classification of soils, flow in saturated soils, effectives stress. (ii) Stress distribution below foundations, compressibility of soils, consolidation theory, determination of settlements. (iii) Strength of soils.


014104 – Strength of Materials 1, 014405 – Engineering Geology, 014211 – Fluid Mechanics


• R.F. CRAIG: “SOIL MECHANICS, Publishers UK Van Nostrand Reinhold: Copies of the book can be found in the library.

Week by Week

1. Introduction, elementary cube, volume-weight relationships.

2. Unified sol classification system, indicative properties.

3. Permeability, flow in saturated soils, flow nets.

4. Effective stresses, liquefaction, piping.

5. Stress distributions, immediate settlements

6 & 7. Soil compressibility, consolidation settlements.

8 & 9. Consolidation theory, analytical solutions, numerical solutions.

10 & 11. Strength of sands, Direct shear testing.

12 & 13. Strength of Clays, Triaxial testing.

Contact Hours per Week

Lecture: 3 hours

Recitation: 1 hour