014505 – Building Materials

Building Materials – 014505


Lecture Topics

  1. Classification of cementitious materials: material testing and its significance, products and applications
  2. Lime
  3. Gypsum
  4. Portland cement
  5. Portland cement – composition types, setting and hardening, structure of the hardened paste and its effect on mechanical properties
  6. Mortars for plastering and renderings
  7. Aggregates, mixing water, chemical and mineral admixtures
  8. Properties of fresh and hardened concrete, durability, mix design, concrete technology, testing and quality control
  9. Laboratory exercises


Laboratory exercises

  1. Introduction
  2. Cementitious materials
  3. Aggregates
  4. Properties of fresh and hardened concrete
  5. Concrete mix design
  6. Plasters and special concretes

Participation in the lab exercise is obligatory. The safety codes require the student to come dressed with their legs covered (long pants/dress, closed shoes).



125011 – General Chemistry + Lab

314535 – Introduction to Materials Engineering


Contact Hours per Week

Lecture: 3 hours

Recitation: 1 Hours

Lab: 1 Hours

Credit points: 4