014606 Introduction to Construction  Management

Introduction to Construction Management (014606i)


Teaching Staff
 Prof. Yehiel Rosenfeld, Lecturer
Office: National Buildings Research Institute; Room 309
Office Hours: Monday 10:30-12:30
Email: roseny@technion.ac.il

 Gil Wang, TA
Office: National Buildings Research Institute; Room 406
Office Hours: Thursday 16:30-17:30
Email: wang@technion.ac.il

 Lecture: Tuesday, 10:30-12:30 (Rabin 505).
 Recitation: Sunday, 16:30-18:30 (Rabin 511).


Purpose of the Course
To become familiar with and understand the basics and techniques of managing a construction project from its inception to its completion.
This course creates the foundation for a student’s career in construction management. It is important to listen to the lectures, pay attention during recitations and internalize the material for the long term. Many of the concepts that will be taught are not written in textbooks.


Help Material
Most of the material is available on the course Moodle site.


Course Tasks
This is an introductory course; therefore, it is composed of many topics. For each topic, only a one-two week period is designated to teach the topic—thus it is incumbent on the student to take an active and continuous role in his/her tasks, which are now enumerated:
1. Lectures: During lectures, most of the theoretical and deep understanding of the material is presented. This is important as management is not a set of formulas but a thought process. The exam will test this material.
2. Recitations: Each week there will be a two-hour recitation on a topic. It is highly recommended that students come to the recitations, although attendance is not mandatory.
3. Homework (HW): The total weight of the homework is 5% of the final grade. Turning in HW is mandatory and a student who does not turn in at least three of the of the homework will not pass the course. Students are to submit exercises in pairs.
4. Project: During the semester a summary exercise will be assigned that will encompass all the material taught in the course. It is designed to encourage students to look at the material as a holistic process. It is worth 20% of the final grade – only if the final exam grade is above 65. Students will submit the exercise in pairs. Submission of the exercise is a requirement to pass the course.
5. Self-Learning: Students may be required to do some self-learning from materials provided on the Moodle site. If this is the case, either the lecturer or the TA will give explicit instructions.
6. Individual Assignments: Throughout the course individual assignments will be handed out that relate to the course material. Each assignment is worth 5% of the final grade.
7. Final Exam: A final exam will be given at the end of the semester worth 75% (or 55%) of the final grade. As student who does not achieve at least a 55% on the final exam will not pass the course even if the student’s total grade is above a 55.


The construction Industry

Quantity Take-off I

Quantity Take-off II

Cost Estimation I

Cost Estimation II

Construction Megatrends

Cost Estimation III

Linear Scheduling

Linear Scheduling

Construction Costs

The Project Manager

Modular Scheduling

Modular Scheduling I

Modular Scheduling II

Network Scheduling

Construction equipment

Network Scheduling I

Safety in Construction

Network Scheduling II

Safety in Construction

Projects Presentations


The teaching staff is happy to help you with any issue or problem that may arise throughout the course. Please do not hesitate to come to us with anything.


Good luck!!