014610 – Construction Methods

Construction Methods – 014610


Lecture Topics:

Methods of piling and foundations for infrastructure works.  Earth and rock drilling application and equipment, percussive, rotary and CFA technology. Basics of Bentonite and Slurry technology.

Construction methods for retaining walls, application and principles of built. Gravity walls, cantilevered, sheet piling, anchoring soil, earth nailing. Reinforced Earth construction methods.  Applying Geosynthetics for soil stabilization.

Principles of rock drilling and blasting for civil engineering and quarries. Percussive vs. rotary drifters and down the hole. Explosives type and applications. Controlled blasting.

Trenching methods, equipment and trench supporting systems

Earthmoving methods, equipment and management for infrastructure and civil engineering projects. Soil and rock  properties which affects earthmoving (based on 014409) ; earthmoving machine design, machine-job  applicability and performance; rock ripping and dozing; earth loading methods; earth hauling and conveying equipment; computerized truck dispatch and GPS earthmoving applications; optimizing system and job layout selection by manual and computerized techniques. Included in the course are also the studies and student’s personal practicing of the most updated computer programs (Runge – Talpac, FPC etc.) for earthmoving optimization in construction projects.

Soil and rock stabilization methods. Clayey layers consolidation by compaction and Vertical Drainage Methods.

Equipment economics and earthmoving cost analysis (based on 014603); Principles of construction sites safety management and work regulations.


Contact hours

Lecture: 2 hours

Recitation: 1 hours

Credit points: 2.5