014610 Construction Methods

Construction methods


Course goals:
Describe the construction operations in the building construction project, the various methods available for their execution, and the technological reasons for determining their choice. Develop observation skills and get acquainted with the construction-site experience.


Dr. Raviv Gabriel,
Office 04-8293024; Cell 054-8360704
310 National Building Research institute gabi@technion.ac.il


Reception hours:
Wednesday, 12:30 to 14:30. (Making an appointment in advance will be most appreciated)


Every meeting will take three academic hours (Monday 09:30 to 12:30). There will be no separate exercise lessons; exercises will be integrated in lecture meetings. Participation in lectures is compulsory. Attendance and participation will be accounted for. Unexcused absence will result in grade penalty.


Field tour:
One guided field tour will be probably scheduled to the middle of the semester. In addition to that, the students will be requested to visit construction sites during Homework 1.


During the course the students will submit three exercises, part of which will be made in pairs. Exercises will be Submitted in print, including texts and figures. Appropriate submission will be accounted for in grading. Please insist on timely submission.


1. Nunnaly, S. W., (1998) Construction Methods and Management. 4th Ed., Prentice-Hall, Misawaka, IN.
2. Illingworth, J. R. (2000). Construction Methods and Planning. 2nd Ed. Tailor and Francis, New York, NY.
3. Peurifoy, R. L., Schexnayder, C. J., and Shapira A. (2006). Construction Planning, Equipment, and Methods, 7th Ed., McGraw-Hill.


Student evaluation:
The final grade will consist of: (1) home exercises 25%; (2) final exam 70%; (3) Teacher’s evaluation 5%. The exam grade has to be at least 65; otherwise it will determine the course final grade (in this case other ingredients of evaluation will not be taken into account).



Introduction, contract documents, specifications
Foundations and lower structure
Building structure (1)
Building structure (2)
Building structure (3)
Plaster and tiling
Building envelope
Openings/industrialized works
Building systems (1)
Building systems (2)
Concluding session