014617 – Planning and Control of Construction Projects

Planning and Control of Construction Projects – 014617


Course Objectives

Deepening central issues of Construction Management: Comparing alternative designs and construction plans, methods of contracting, design management and information flows, client’s design cost estimation, preparation of master plan schedules, tendering procedures, contractor cost calculations and bid preparation, budgeting, planning and scheduling of construction, production management, project controls. The goal is to understand and gain experience in these tasks, including achievement of a basic level of proficiency in appropriate software.


Course Schedule

Week Lectures Tutorial
1 Introduction – Detailed construction process and project management objectives. Contracting methods. The multiple roles of construction managers at different levels and with different types of employers. Course aims and rules. #1 CPM inMsProject (1%)
2 Design management: Information management in construction projects. Sharing information through an Extranet. Cost estimates at different accuracy levels; an initial estimate; estimating using parameters; detailed estimates. Measuring of quantities, methods of measurement, preparation of a bill of quantities.  #2 Initial estimate Excel (1%)
3 Manage bills of quantities and tenders, using a standard price list for the building industry #3 Detailed estimating (2%) Candy 2.0
4 Scheduling projects using CPM Principles of the method, its advantages and its limitations; technological and organizational relationships; examination of alternatives. #4 Scheduling constraints and resourcesVICO Control (2%)
5 Advantages of computers in CPM solution and comparing alternative plans.  Updating a network of projects: Adding and removing tasks; update start dates and the estimated duration of their execution Examine alternatives to execution using Building Information Modeling (4D). #5 Scheduling using line of balances VICO Control (2%)
6 Detailed cost calculation Direct costs, indirect costs, overheads; methods of distributing overheads; editing computer calculations; examination of alternative methods of distributing overheads. Comparison of bids #6 General contractor calculations (2%) Candy 2.0
7 Budget planning, cash and cost flows Principles of planning and control of project budgets; Computerized budget management; layout according to the schedule budget Preparation for the midterm exam
8  Budget, cost flows, cash flows (Continued): Preparation of flows of costs, expenses, income and cash; Preparation for the midterm exam
9 Basic terms in production management: cycle time, throughput, work in progress; setup time, learning curve, waste #7 Planning of construction budget Candy 2.0 (2%)
10 Production management: Last Planner System (LPS) #8 Schedule of modular projects Candy 2.0      VICO Office (3%)
11 Principles of planning and scheduling of location based projects specialization; continuity; independence; responsibility; equal TAKT time. Implementation of principles in modular and non-modular projects
12 Technological and organizational considerations, scheduling the execution of projects consisting of several modular buildings; a detailed demonstration of various alternatives and discussion of problems, advantages and disadvantages; impact of industrialization of construction; techniques for scheduling alternatives.
13 Schedule control, budget and cash flow Control Schedule; control cash flows. Understanding the control results; cash flow. Submitting interim accounts and calculations of price increases.
14 Design management, Information management in construction projects, the DSM method.


Contact hours per week:

Lecture: 2 hours

Recitation: 2 hours

Credit points: 3