014841 – Fundamentals of Mapping and Surveying 1

Course Objectives

Basic concepts in surveying, mapping and geodesy. Basic issues in the theory of errors. Geodetic coordinate systems. The theodolite and angle measurements. Direct and indirect methods of distance measurements. Ordinary leveling. Total station. Calculation of volumes and areas. Geodetic information sources: terrestrial measurements, aerial photographs, satellites (GPS) and remote sensing.

Weekly Recitation Topics

Subject Details Lectures Exercises
Introduction “Higher Geodesy” & “Practical Geodesy”, reference systems, the basic principles of surveying, units, distance and direction, types of networks, coordinate systems 1 #1
Theory of Errors Types of errors, random error distribution, mean square error, error propagation 2-3 #2-3
Leveling Differential leveling, surface referencing; The level – the structure, testing and adjusting, determine height differences, random and systematic error, bilateral leveling 4 #4-6
Measuring Angles Theodolite – structure, testing and adjusting, surveying horizontal and vertical directions, random error and systematic error 5 #7
Site Mapping Total Station – electro – optical distance surveying. Trigonometric leveling and Earth curvature 6 #8-9
Area Area calculation 7 #9-10
Volume Volume calculation 8 #11-12
Advanced Topics GPS, GIS, Remote sensing and Photogrammetry 9-12


  • 014008 – Graphical and Engineering Information


  • 114051 – Physics 1

Contact Hours per Week

Lecture: 2 hours

Recitation: 2 hours

Lab: 2 hours