014942 Hydraulic Engineering

Hydraulic Engineering and reservoirs


Technion – Israel Institute of Technology
The Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering


Lecturer – Ran Weisman
Tutor – Rafi Schwartz (014942)
Email – ran@palgey-maim.co.il


Lecture topics and subjects of interest
•Water supply system – general design of storage and supply.
•Water sources, hydrology, max. discharge, flow volumes, storage volume.
•Water balance
• Hydraulics of pipelines
•Water canals, diversions structures, overflow structure.
•Engineering survey, lab tests.
•Dam stabilization, reservoir layout.
• Earth works.
•Inlet and outlet structures. Freeboard, pump stations, hydraulic curves.
•Water breaker structure.
•Infiltration, seeling, piping.
•Pumps, operating point of pump and.
•Pipelines and accessories. Local and longitudinal pressure losses
•Properties of pipelines and pipeline placing
•longitudinal pipeline design
•Water hammer
•Economic engineering.


Bibliography :
1. “Design of Small Dams “, U.S. Department of Interior, Bureau of Reclamation .
2. “Earth and Earth Rock Dams: Engineering Problems Of Design”, J.L. Sherard .
3. USBR 13 – Bureau of Reclamation Technical Service Center Design Standards No. 13
4. civil engineering hydraulics”, R.E. Featherstone and c.Nalluri.


Student evaluation:
Attendance in lectures – obligatory
Attendance in exercise – obligatory
Homework – 25%
Final project – 75%

Attendance in all meetings and exercises is obligatory. The exercises and the project should be handed in on time.