034010 – Dynamics

Dynamics – 034010



This course provides an introduction to modeling and analysis of dynamic systems, with a focus on the motion of particles, systems of particles, and rigid bodies under the action of forces and moments. Core topics include kinematics of a particle, particle dynamics, particle systems and dynamics of rigid bodies. It will meet weekly for 4 hours of lectures and 2 hours of recitations.

Time and frequency domain solutions to first and second order equations of motion are discussed.



Courses in: Physics 1 (114051), Ordinary Differential Equations (104131), Calculus (104022) and Solid Mechanics (034028) or equivalent.



Miles Rubin, and Eliezer Altus, “Dynamics,” Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Technion-I.T.T., 2003 (Available online at: http://w2.technion.ac.il/~meeng/adb_admin/uploads/Studies/Disc_Update/2011-12/034010-2012.pdf)


Additional References

Meriam, James L. & Kraige, L. G., “Engineering Mechanics: Dynamics., Vol. 2.,” 6th Ed., Hoboken, N.J.: Wiley, 2010


Course Topics

  • Kinematics of a particle: geometry of motion at different coordinates, angular velocities, moving coordinates, relative speeds and accelerations, and kinematics of rigid bodies).
  • Particle dynamics: motion equations, vibrations, work-energy concepts and conservation laws).
  • Particle systems: (formulation of balance laws, impulse and momentum, mechanical power and kinetic energy, and impact of two particles)
  • Dynamics of rigid bodies: inertia tensor, planar motion, impulse and momentum, a system of rigid bodies, gyroscopic effects and Euler’s laws of motion.


Contact Hours per Week

Lecture: 4 hours

Recitation: 2 Hours

Credit points: 5