034014 – Heat Transfer

Course Objectives

The course is designed to be an introductory course to engineering heat transfer. Concepts including control volume analysis, conservation laws of mass, momentum and energy, conduction, laminar and turbulent convection, phase change and radiation will be developed and applied. The problems and examples will include theory and applications drawn from a wide range of engineering design and manufacturing problems.

Weekly Lecture Topics

Week Content Chapter
1 Introductory Material, Modes of Heat Transfer, Control Volume Analysis, Conduction – Fourier’s law 1,2
2 1D Steady State Conduction, Conduction with Thermal Energy Generation 3.1-3.5
3 Heat Transfer from Extended Surface, Fin Equation, Fin Performance 3.6-3.8
4 Analytical and Numerical Solutions to 2D and 3D Steady State Conduction problems 4.1-4.3
5 Transient Conduction, Lumped Capacitance Method, Spatial Effects 5.1-5.8
6 Convection, Boundary layer, Laminar and Turbulent, Similarity, Reynolds Analogy 6
7 Convection, Flow over Flat Plate, Empirical Methods 7.1-7.3
8 Convection, External Flows, Flow over Cylinder, Sphere, Flow across banks of Tubes 7.4-7.7
9 Internal Flow Convection, Laminar Flow in Circular Tubes, Empirical Correlations 8.1-8.7
10 Natural (Free) Convection 9.1-9.6


11 Heat Exchangers 11
12 Radiation, Black Body, Absorption, Reflection, Transmission 12
13 Radiation Exchange Between Surfaces 13
14 Boiling and Condensation 10


  • 034013 – Fluid Mechanics
  • 034035 – Thermodynamics 1

Teaching Staff

Lecturer: Professor Alexander Solan
Email: solan@technion.ac.il
Telephone: 04-829-2099
Office hours: TBA
Office: Lady Davis, Room 207
Lecturer: Professor Ezra Elias
Email: merezra@technion.ac.il
Telephone: 04-829-3263
Office hours: TBA
Office: Lady Davis, Room 364

Teaching assistant:  TBA

Student Evaluation

Homework – 10%:

12 Homework assignments will be assigned over the course of the semester.

Midterm Exam – 30%

Final Exam – 60%

Contact Hours per Week

Lecture: 2 Hours

Recitation: 1 Hour

2.5 Credits

Reading Requirement

  • “Introduction to Heat Transfer”, F. P. Incropera, D.P. DeWitt, T. L. Bergman and A.S. Lavine, John Wiley & Sons, 5th ed., 2007.