034040 – Introduction to Control

Introduction to Control – 034040


Course Objectives

  • Comprehension of the notions of feedback control
  • In depth analysis of stability, performance and robustness of control systems
  • Synthesis of control laws in the frequency and time domains for fundamental engineering problems


Lecture Topics

  1. Introduction, feedback and closed-loop
  2. Modeling and control of DC motor
  3. Deviation variables and linearization
  4. Internal stability of closed loop
  5. Steady state performance
  6. Dynamic Performance
  7. Industrial controllers
  8. Root Locus –principles and design
  9. Frequency response and Nyquist Criterion
  10. Dead Times (Delays)
  11. Signals and systems in frequency domain
  12. Performance requirements in frequency domain
  13. Stability margins
  14. Design of leadlLag controllers
  15. Realizations and tunings of PID controllers
  16. Feedforward control
  17. Finale: what you haven’t studied in this course



034032 – Linear Systems


Contact Hours per Week

Lecture: 2 Hours

Recitation: 2 Hour

Credit points: 3