034040 – Introduction to Control

Course Objectives

  • Comprehension of the notions of feedback control
  • In depth analysis of stability, performance and robustness of control systems
  • Synthesis of control laws in the frequency and time domains for fundamental engineering problems

Lecture Topics

1. Introduction, feedback and closed-loop

2. Modeling and control of DC motor

3. Deviation variables and linearization

4. Internal stability of closed loop

5. Steady state performance

6. Dynamic Performance

7. Industrial controllers

8. Root Locus –principles and design

9. Frequency response and Nyquist Criterion

10. Dead Times (Delays)

11. Signals and systems in frequency domain

12. Performance requirements in frequency domain

13. Stability margins

14. Design of leadlLag controllers

15. Realizations and tunings of PID controllers

16. Feedforward control

17. Finale: what you haven’t studied in this course


  • 034032 – Linear Systems

Teaching Staff

Lecturer: Professor Zalman J. Palmor
Email: palmor@tx.technion.ac.il
Telephone: 04-829-2086
Office: Lady Davis, Room 504
Course Website: http://moodle.technion.ac.il/

Students should log in using their student number and secret code (provided by the International School). All course materials including lecture notes in PowerPoint slides (approximately 450 slides), assignments and solutions as well as complementary tutorials will be found in the website. Lectures notes are uploaded a few days before each lecture.  It is advisable to bring printouts of the notes to lectures.

Student Evaluation


A weekly problem set with solutions for self-study will be posted to the course website.

Midterm Exams – 20% each:

Two compulsory midterms will be given during the semester. There is no “moed bet” for the midterms, except for absences due to army reserve service.

Final Exam – 60%:

Students may use any written or printed material during the final exam and the midterm exams. Graphing calculators are not allowed.

Contact Hours per Week

Lecture: 2 Hours

Recitation: 2 Hour

3 Credits

Reading Requirements

  •  “Feedback Control of Dynamic Systems.” G.F. Franklin , J.D. Powell and E.N Abbas, Prentice Hall, 1986 (3rd edition 1994, 4th edition 2002).
  •  “Linear Control System Analysis and Design: Conventional and Modern” J.J. D’Aazzo and C.H. Houpis, McGraw-Hill, (3rd edition, 1988, 4th edition, 1995), or 5th edition: “Linear Control System Analysis and Design with MATLAB,” Marcel Dekker, 2003.
  • “Modern Control Systems,” R.C. Dorf and R.H. Bishop, Addison Wesley, 8th edition, 1998.