054306 Principles of Chemical Eng. 2M

Principles of Chemical Engineering 2M

(Introduction to heat and mass transfer in Chemical Engineering)


Simon Brandon
Department of Chemical Engineering – Room 364
Tel/fax – 04-8292822
Email – cersbsb@technion.ac.il


Introduction + heat transfer mechanisms

The two “Principles of Chemical Engineering” courses (1M and 2M) deal with momentum, heat and mass transport phenomena and as such provide an in-depth understanding of fundamentals underlying phenomena involving fluid flow, heat transfer and mass transfer as well as practical (industrial and other) processes based on these phenomena.


Goals of the course “Principles of Chemical Engineering 2M”:
•To present the theoretical basis of heat and mass transfer processes
•To clarify the physical mechanisms of heat and mass transfer processes
•To apply the theoretical principles in the solution of various heat and mass transfer problems
•To train in the methods used to solve these problems
•To describe the basic principles of operation and design of practical heat transfer equipment