094815 Business Plan for Commercializing

Entrepreneurs have been starting new ventures for generations. If in the past success was more a function of tenacity and a measure of the idea underpinning the business, in today’s hyper-competitive, market-focused and highly competent world, errors can quickly doom the best of companies. A systematic, entrepreneurial orientation is the common denominator among successful ventures in this new economy.

Entrepreneurship is typically approached as a way of thinking and acting, as an attitude or behavior. Our emphasis will be on entrepreneurship as a manageable process that can be applied in almost any organizational setting. We will explore the many dimensions of new venture creation and growth including the business, technological, financial, legal, human, and ethical considerations in order to foster innovation and new business formation in a variety of settings. Additionally, we will provide the background and tools necessary for a solid foundation in terms of the role of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship needed to function effectively in 21st Century global economy.


Creating new technologies and commercializing them into new products and services is a key competitive advantage of Israel. This course will combine both an academic and practical view of the challenges facing entrepreneurs. We will focus on the creation, evaluation, development and launch of a new business or venture. The key issues addressed will include the basic questions addressed in the formal venture planning process.

The Objectives of the Course will be to:

  • Understand the (technology) venture creation process
  • Impart an entrepreneurial mindset and tools that participants can use throughout their career
  • Gain hands-on experience at venture creation and fund raising
  • Learn by doing—teams of students will be required to create and pitch their new venture at the end of course.