094815 Project in Entrepreneurship

Project in Entrepreneurship: Business Plan for the commercialization of technology based idea


Teacher: Dr. Barak Ben Avinoam

Mail: Barak Ben-Avinoam barak.benavinoam@gmail.com

Credits: 3.0

Course objectives

The course is the capstone course of Entrepreneurship in Technion’s 2016 summer program.

The emphasis in this course is on applying and synthesizing concepts and techniques from functional areas of strategic management, finance, accounting, managerial economics, marketing, operations management, and organizational behavior in the context of new venture development.

Students will learn and experience the process entrepreneurs and innovators go through when starting new ventures (either startups or corporate ventures). The course will require the students to systematically search for opportunities and assess their potential to become a high growth, innovative business. The process involves gathering information and market insights as well securing resources such as talent and capital, figuring out aspects such as partnerships, distribution channels, revenue streams and more.

Course outline

Session 1 Introduction – The innovator’s DNA
Session 2 Skills for startups: Opportunity identification & evaluation
Session 3 Market size evaluation exercise
Session 4 Disruptive Innovation (Christensen)
Session 5 Systematic inventive thinking
Session 6 Teams and teamwork – Intro to Business models
Session 7 Business model canvas – Introduction to Financials
Session 8 Customer development – Revenue streams
Session 9 Channels Forecasting for startups
Session 10 Presentation skills workshop
Session 11 Final presentations + panel – Course summary