096817 Innovation Management

Lecturer: Dr. Nirit Weiss-Blatt



Course Overview:

Technological innovation is driven by different factors- the economy, politics and communication. The new research field of Innovation Journalism focuses on the media and its impact on the innovation ecosystem. Tech news covers “how innovation evolves” and “what are its ramifications”. Part of the media’s role is: to present innovations in a more accessible way to the general public.

The course will expose students to various aspects- from the impact of journalism on technology to the impact of technology on journalism. Recognition and comprehension of global trends in Innovation Journalism will enable the students to better position their innovative ideas in the ever-changing landscape of the industry.


Course Goal:

The main goal is introducing new tools that will enable young entrepreneurs to diagnose ways to approach the new media landscape and to successfully promote their offerings to both investors and potential consumers.

Assessment Scheme:

10% of the final grade: Active participation in the lectures: Students are expected to participate in class discussions.

90% of the final grade: Practical term paper: Integration of course materials with students’ own entrepreneurship.


Students are expected to:

  1. gather information about the relevant journalists and tech bloggers for covering their innovation.
  2. Plan the right “Media Pitch”.


Course Content:

Introduction to Innovation Journalism

  • The short history of innovation journalism and main concepts

Nordfors, D. (2009). Innovation journalism, attention work, and the innovation economy, A review of the innovation journalism initiative 2003-2009. 

Blogs: Background & their relationship with the traditional media

  • Blogs background (history, definitions, and basic terms)
  • Power struggle and interdependence: Blogs vs. traditional media
  • Blogging as citizen journalism, Empowerment

 The rise of tech blogs

  • Types of tech blogs and influential rankings

Frommer, D. (2012). Rise of the tech bandits. SAY Magazine. (17 May, 2012).

 Journalistic practices in covering innovation

  • The list of requirements from journalists who cover innovation
  • The massive reliance on public relations and press releases
  • What journalists can learn from capital investors?
  • Ethical issues in technology coverage
  • The role of journalism in creating the image of Silicon Valley

 Media Hype- Good or bad? and the timing

  • Media Hype- pros and cons
  • Exposing the start-up before or after the launch– benefits and risks

Media Pitch

  • How to work with tech journalists & bloggers- Do’s and Don’ts

 The journalism effect on investment decisions

  • The online journalism & framing effect on investment decisions (by VCs)

 Innovation in Journalism and Big Data tools

  • The impacts of technology on journalism
  • Information seeking, search engines (e.g., Google Trends) and Big Data tools

 The Media Pitches

  • Students’ media pitches and course conclusion