097657 Organizations and Entrepreneurship

Organizations and Entrepreneurship

Credits: 2.5

Course objectives

Entrepreneurship is a crucial engine for economic development, however, it is known for its complexity. The course focuses on entrepreneurship theory from economic, sociological and psychological points of view. During the course we will seek to get some answers to the following questions:

  • What explains entrepreneurs’ intentions and actions?
  • What distinguishes ideas from real opportunities? What are the differences between opportunity identification/recognition, examination and exploitation?
  • What is the role of entrepreneurial passion and identities in establishing and managing new ventures?
  • How entrepreneurs affect and psychological characteristics influence their intentions and actions?
  • How do entrepreneurs make decisions to start ventures? What are the determinants of entrepreneurial persistence?
  • What are the criteria for external investors? How do venture capital investments make a difference?
  • How can we explain entrepreneurial failures?
  • What are the key differences between business and social entrepreneurship?

Course outline

Session 1 Entrepreneurship as an economic and social phenomenon
Session 2 New opportunities identification – From intentions to actions
Session 3 Entrepreneurs’ passion and identities
Session 4 Venture capital investments and the founders’ dilemma
Session 5 Startup managerial dilemmas
Session 6 Entrepreneurship and social capital
Session 7 Team Building*
Session 8 Creativity and innovation
Session 9 Social entrepreneurship

* Will be discussed during course #094815 (session #6)