099760 Managerial Negotiation

Course Objectives
The workshop has two related goals. The first is to review the knowledge accumulated in negotiation research. The second goal is to allow the participants to experiment with using the accumulated knowledge is searching for the negotiation strategies that fit them best in simulations of typical negotiations.

Course Background
The current review of the knowledge accumulated in negotiation research focuses on three lines of research: game theory, behavioral economics and social psychology. The course starts with a survey of the insights provided by basic game theoretic analysis of negotiation. It continues with a review of some of the limitations of traditional game theory, and the presentation of the refinements proposed by behavioral economics and social psychological study of negotiation. The implications of the different regularities will be clarified via an assortment of negotiation simulations.

Contact Hours

Lecture: 4 hours. The course is in a mini semester of 7 weeks, 01/04/2016-03/06/2016.

Credits: 2.0.