104004 Differential and Integral Calculus 2

Spring Semester, 2015-16


    • Vectors, the dot and cross products
    • Lines, planes, curves and surfaces
    • Functions – limits and continuity
    • Differentiability, partial and directional derivatives, the chain rule, the gradient
    • Taylor’s theorem, the implicit function theorem, extrema and Lagrange multipliers
    • Double and triple integrals, change of variables
    • Line integrals and surface integrals
    • Divergence and curl, Green, Gauss and Stokes’ theorems, conservative fields


Differential and Integral Calculus 2, 104003
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Teaching Assistant

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4 hours of lecture per week
2 hours of TA per week


The mandatory material is what we cover in class. For further reading, a standard Multivariable Calculus book is “Vector Calculus” by Marsden and Tromba, 5’th edition. There are many first year Calculus books, most of which are rather similar, that can be found in the Technion libraries, and contain plenty of additional exercises. Also, the course webpage includes a link to a free online book called “Introduction to Real Analysis” by W. Trench

Online Resources


Course Objectives

      • You are expected to attend all lectures and discussions.
      • All Exams and Quizzes are with closed books and notes. You may not use any calculators, cell-phones, i-pods or any other electronic devices.
      • Grades should be earned honestly.

Course Expectations & Grading

Homework will be assigned each week on Mathnet, the Technion interactive math HW site. A link to Mathnet will be found on the course webpage. It is your responsibility to track the release and submission dates of these assignments. Any Mathnet assignment grade of 90 or higher will be rounded to 100, and you must submit at least x-2 assignments. The average of your x-2 highest Mathnet grades could count as 10% of your final grade.
In addition, there will about 5-6 homework sheets. Homework sheets will post once every couple of weeks, and they are not to be handed in. Instead, there will be a very short quiz on each HW sheet during the tutorial, which will be comprised of 1-2 questions taken directly from the previous sheet. Quizzes will usually be given at the very beginning of class. You will not be able to take a quiz if you are late to class that day, and there will be no make-up quizzes. Quizzes will be checked and graded for you to learn from. Quiz grades of 80 or above will be rounded to 100. Each of your 5 best quiz grades could count separately as 2% of your final grade, for a maximum total of 10%.
The mathnet and quizzes grades will count towards your final grade only if they are higher than your final exam grade. Mathnet and quizzes grades will be applied only if your final exam grade is 50 or higher. Cheating will be taken very seriously. Every attempt to cheat will be reported immediately to the head of Technion International.

Key Dates