114051 Physics 1

Spring Semester, 2015-16


Lecture No. Syllabus Book Chapter
1-2 Vectors: definition and different presentations, vector addition, dot product, cross product, derivative of a vector by a scalar, invariants, trajectory, velocity, acceleration. 2
3-5 Newton’s laws of motion: the three laws of motion, equations of motion and boundary conditions (initial value). 3
6-7 Reference frames and Galilean transformations: inertial reference frames, relativity principle, Galilean transformation, Newton’s laws in accelerating reference frames (linear and circular motion), centrifugal force. 4
8-9 Conservative forces and the conservation of energy: work, conservative forces, kinetic and potential energy, central forces. 5
10-12 Conservation of linear momentum: center of mass, the conservation of linear momentum for collisions in different reference frames. 6
13-15 Dynamics of circular motion: conservation of angular momentum, angular momentum and kinetic energy of a rigid body, moment of inertia for simple systems, rotation of a rigid body around fixed axis – the equations of motion and their solution. 6
16 Inverse square law forces: the equation of motion and it’s solution – possible trajectories, Kepler’s laws. 9
17-18 Simple harmonic motion 8
19-28 Special Relativity: the speed of light and measurement techniques, Michelson-Morley experiment and it’s conclusions, the axioms of special relativity, the Lorentz transformation, length contraction, time dilation, relativistic Doppler effect, velocity transformation, relativistic dynamics: momentum and energy. 10-13




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Mechanics, Berkeley Physics Course, Vol. 1

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Course Expectations & Grading

20% H.W. + 80% Test

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