3 Professional Advantages of Choosing to Study Engineering Abroad in Israel

study engineering abroad in Israel

Where you choose to study can have important implications for how the rest of your life will unfold. From greater potential for introducing you to important ideas or thinkers, to holding the kind of prestige that makes employers take notice, the best schools have a number of attributes that make them a great springboard for your future endeavours.

Today, Israel is known as a top destination for students in technology and engineering, offering a wide range of powerful benefits to those who elect to study there. Curious about what might be gained from training to be an engineer in Israel? Here are some of the biggest professional benefits you can expect.

Higher Earnings Potential at Low Cost Could Await Those Who Study Engineering Abroad in Israel

One of the most alluring and important benefits of a top-tier education is that it can dramatically increase your lifetime earnings potential. Evidence suggests that attending an Israeli institution like Technion International can be an excellent investment in this regard.

Not only are its engineering programs ranked in the top 75 of the world, and held in high esteem by employers and industry leaders around the globe, but tuition costs significantly less than similarly reputable schools in America and other countries. Graduates could enjoy the benefits of having the name of a top institution on their resume for years to come, and at a handsome discount.

Higher salaries await students who study at top schools in Israel
Higher salaries await students who study at top schools in Israel

Israel’s Hot Engineering & Technology Space Provides Professional Networking Opportunities

A top engineering program is not just a space for developing an understanding of theory and practical skills. It can also serve as a valuable introduction to the very professional communities that students intend to join after their graduation. If you are ambitious and want to devote effort during your university studies toward building up your professional network, there’s no better place to go than Israel.

The country is known as a start-up capital, with technology and engineering firms of all kinds enjoying a great deal of success in their efforts to transform the modern world. For students pursuing a BSc in Mechanical Engineering or other in-demand disciplines, there is no shortage of hands to shake, businesses to tour, and exciting career opportunities to seek. If you want to rub shoulders with the best, Israel is the place to go.

Exposure to Different Ways of Thinking Can Help You Develop as a Professional

For many forward-thinking professionals, too much familiarity is a recipe for stagnation. A lack of diversity can lead to narrowed perspectives and a lack of ability to come up with novel approaches to the completion of projects or research. For graduates of a BSc in Chemical Engineering, mechanical engineering, or any other program centred on learning to build and create the world of tomorrow, this can present a serious disadvantage.

Entering a culture like Israel’s can be the perfect solution. The country is different yet accessible, and prizes the kind of intellectual exploration that engineering students thrive on. Even a short time abroad can help students look at the world around them with fresh eyes, and pick up tools and tricks that could someday allow them to make exciting breakthroughs in their career.

Broadening your horizons in Israel will teach you to embrace new challenges in your career
Broadening your horizons in Israel will teach you to embrace new challenges in your career

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