3 Tips to Help You Settle Seamlessly into Life at University in Israel

University in Israel

The culture of Haifa is unlike anything most international students will have experienced
For international students, preparing to study at Technion can be quite daunting. Many prospective candidates can find the university’s stellar academic reputation intimidating, and worry about meeting the standards required.

Furthermore, while Haifa is one of the most peaceful and welcoming cities in Israel, it is still a very new environment with a diverse range of cultures unlike anything most students have experienced, and they may worry about adapting.

Fortunately, with the help of Technion’s dedicated staff, diverse student population, and welcoming campus atmosphere, you can settle quickly into life at the university, and begin to enjoy a truly life-changing experience, making new friends from all over the world and learning about the unique culture of Israel, all while enriching your education by studying at one of the world’s most respected institutions.

Read on to find out how to make your transition into life at university in Israel much smoother.

1. Make the Most of the Support Staff in Israeli Universities

Student support services are the most vital resource a new student can have as they try to adapt to the unique academic and personal challenges facing them. Top universities like Technion provide comprehensive counseling services staffed by trained professionals, who are always available to provide help with everything from practical issues like time management and study tips, to emotional support for personal issues.

International students will also be given a comprehensive orientation upon their arrival at university in Israel, with expert instructors and staff providing valuable information about coursework, accommodation, and life on campus, as well as security guidelines and advice on the local culture of Haifa.

2. Enjoy Great Campus Facilities When You Study in Israel

While it’s never easy coming to a new place, the Technion campus provides one of the most welcoming environments new students could ask for. Nicknamed ‘Technion City’, the beautiful 1.2 square kilometer site includes restaurants, cafes, banks, and other facilities all within easy reach, so you’ll have everything you need right at your fingertips.

It’s also a vibrant hub of activity, with a diverse student community and regular social events, including the unique “Wednesday Noon Happening,” when all classes stop for two hours and the campus transforms with open air concerts, arts and crafts fairs, and a lively student marketplace.

The campus also offers a range of extracurricular activities in areas such as sports, music, dance, and much more, giving new students plenty of opportunities to meet like-minded people and become part of this rich, multicultural community.

study in Israel
Technion City overlooks Haifa from Mt. Carmel

3. Explore the Unique Culture of Israel with Trips to Famous Landmarks

While there’s plenty to enjoy on campus, students at Israeli universities also have a once in a lifetime opportunity to explore about the unique heritage and culture of their new country. And although navigating a vast and unfamiliar country like Israel might seem challenging, the university organizes regular trips for international students to famous sites such as the Dead Sea, Jerusalem, and Tel Aviv, so they have the chance to explore Israel’s rich heritage together, with the help of experienced local guides. Students can also find plenty to enjoy right on their doorstep, with the beautiful, multicultural city of Haifa offering a wealth of great beaches, hiking trails, and famous historical landmarks.

study in Israel for international students
Technion organizes regular trips for international students to places like Tel Aviv

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