3 Ways Students Benefit from Studying Abroad in Israel

Studying in Israel can be an unforgettable experience for students
Studying in Israel can be an unforgettable experience for students

There are many reasons students consider studying in Israel. For some, it’s the opportunity to experience personal growth by immersing themselves in a different culture, discovering new places and meeting people with different perspectives, while learning more about the country’s truly unique heritage.

For others, the reasons might be more practical, as they seek education options that offer better value or opportunities than those in their home country. Similarly, they may be aware of Israel’s growing reputation as a ‘start-up nation,’ and hub for technology and entrepreneurship, and be eager to gain experience and make valuable connections for their future career.

Fortunately, Technion International’s programs provide all of this and more. With a wide range of options for both short courses and undergraduate degrees, international students can look forward to a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will fully meet their expectations.

Here are some of the ways that you could benefit from choosing to study in Israel with Technion International.

1. Study Abroad Programs in Israel Can Lead To Exciting Research and Internship Positions

Modern Israel is much more than just a tourist destination. In recent years, the country has gained global renown for innovation and entrepreneurship. Technion has played a crucial role in this process, with 85% of Israel’s technological workforce employed by companies led by Technion graduates.

Whether they are enrolled in short courses or full-time degrees, Technion works hard to ensure students in study abroad programs in Israel see the full benefits of this unique economic climate. International summer courses include professional internships at top Israeli companies, providing students with invaluable real-world experience for their future careers. Full-time undergraduate students also have numerous opportunities for work experience, as well as the chance to participate in Technion’s innovative university research.

2. Study Abroad Programs in Israel Offer Top Class Education

Technion is one of the world’s most prestigious universities, and regularly appears in the Shanghai global top 100 list. The school is recognized around the world for its achievements in science and technology, and has produced no fewer than 3 Nobel Laureates.

Technion is also recognized in the 2015 Shanghai rankings as among the top 50 universities in the world for both engineering and computer science,  meaning students looking to study abroad in Israel can be assured of world-class faculty , facilities and research initiatives in any of these areas.

Technion students receive a top quality education
Technion students receive a top quality education

3. Studying Abroad in Israel Can Be a Culturally Enriching Experience

In addition to receiving a first-rate education, students have the opportunity to visit some first-rate travel destinations too, with many world-famous tourist attractions on their doorstep. From the Technion City campus’s small, self-contained community, students can explore the beautiful port city of Haifa, a multicultural hub where Jewish, Muslim and Christian people have lived peacefully for many years. The city is also home to numerous cultural landmarks, such as Elijah’s Cave and the Baha’i World Centre.

Haifa is home to many great attractions such as a the Baha’i World Centre
Haifa is home to many great attractions such as a the Baha’i World Centre

The city is also just a few short hours from many of Israel’s other famous destinations. Through regular trips organized by the college, you can sample the bustling nightlife of Tel Aviv, experience the peace of floating on the Dead Sea, or immerse yourself in the rich history of Jerusalem.

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