314533 Introduction to Materials Eng.  M1

314533 – Introduction to Materials Engineering


Faculty of Material Science and Engineering

Semester A


Dr. Ziv Atzmon
Room: 503, Material Engineering building
Email: atzmonziv@technion.ac.il
Phone: 2112
Office Hours: Monday, 13:30–14:30

Teaching Assistant:
Sara Iacopetti
Room 508 Meidan building (Materials eng.)
Email: iasara@campus.technion.ac.il
Phone: 5798
Office Hours: Monday, 18:30-19:30


i. Course Objectives:
This course provides a basic knowledge in materials science and engineering. The main objectives are to acknowledge the atomic bonding and structure of engineering materials and its linkage to the mechanical and physical properties.


ii. Schedule:
Lecture: Monday, 14:30-16:30
Exercise: Sunday, 12:30-14:30


iii. Evaluation and Requirements:
a) Tutorials: the student should attend all tutorials, and submit at least 11 exercises from the homework booklet (submission within 1 week from the tutorial, in paper or via Moodle). Not submitting the exercises on time will cause a reduction of 1 point per exercise in the final mark.
b) Laboratories: 6 experiments will take place at the Dantziger Labs. The student should attend all the experiments.
c) Final exam: will be divided into two independent parts. The first part will be in the middle of the semester and the second part will be at the end. Term B will be given for both parts at the same day during the second exam period.
d) Calculation of the final mark:
Exams – 35% X 2 = 70%
Laboratories – 20%
Homework – 10%


iv. Teaching Materials:
Both lectures and exercises will be available online at least a day in advance on the Moodle.


v. Class Schedule and Sequence of Lectures:
 Lecture 1: Introduction + Atomic Bonds + Crystallography
 Lecture 2: Defects + Diffusion in Solids
 Lecture 3: Mechanical Properties: Strain-Stress Curves
 Lecture 4: Mechanical Properties: Factors that affect strain-stress curves
 Lecture 5: Fracture
 Lecture 6: Fatigue and Creep
 Exam Part 1
 Lecture 7: Binary Phase Diagram (Solid Solution+ Eutectic Diagram)
 Lecture 8: Phase Diagram (Eutectoid Diagram + Iron-Carbon Diagram)
 Lecture 9: TTT Diagrams
 Lecture 10: Aging of Aluminum Alloys
 Lecture 11: Corrosion
 Lecture 12: Polymers
 Exam, Part 2
 Exam, Part 1+2, Moed B


vi. Reference literature

W.P. Callister, Jr., “Materials Science and Engineering – An Introduction”, 9th Edition, John Wiley & Sons, Inc.