4 Ways Choosing to Study Engineering Abroad Helps Your Career Prospects

Engineering is becoming an increasingly global industry
Engineering is becoming an increasingly global industry

For international engineering students, completing either a short-term program or a full-time undergraduate degree at Technion is an unforgettable experience. Having the chance to learn about the rich and diverse culture of Israel and explore the beautiful city of Haifa and other famous locations is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and one that students can always cherish.

However, choosing to study abroad isn’t just about seeing the world. Like many sectors nowadays, engineering is very much a global industry, with both private and public organisations forging international connections and partnerships and collaborating together on projects and research. As a result, studying abroad can be the ideal preparation for career in today’s industry, improving your employment prospects and opening up exciting new opportunities in areas you never thought possible.

Want to find out how studying abroad could help your engineering career? Read on to find out.

1. Employers Look Positively On Graduates who Study Engineering Abroad

To keep up with the demands of today’s changing industry, engineering organisations are increasingly looking to recruit professionals who have experience travelling and are familiar with different international markets.

As a result, choosing to study abroad can make you a far more attractive prospect for employers, demonstrating your willingness to expand your horizons and take on new challenges. Not only that, but since the university is ranked 44th in engineering in the Shanghai Academic Rankings, obtaining a BSc in Israel at Technion also affords students one the most highly regarded and prestigious engineering degrees in the world, further boosting their chances of landing their ideal job.

2. Studying Engineering Abroad Can Help You Make Industry Contacts

Choosing to study engineering abroad also represents a valuable opportunity to make international contacts in the industry that can benefit you throughout your career. Renowned universities like Technion attract a diverse student body from different backgrounds and cultures all over the world, meaning that you’ll be building a valuable list of contacts as you meet and make friends with new people throughout your studies.

The friends you meet at university can become valuable connections in your future career
The friends you meet at university can become valuable connections in your future career

3. Students Who Study Engineering Abroad Explore a More Diverse Range of Projects

While the engineering industry is becoming increasingly international, gaining a local perspective on a particular region can still provide valuable insights. Students who choose to study engineering abroad at Technion, for example, have the chance to explore the unique and important role of the sector in fostering technological innovation in Israel.

Through exposure to some the world’s leading research in the field, off-site activities such as business and industry site visits, and expert instruction from world-renowned professors, students learn everything there is the know about what engineering means in the ‘Start-Up Nation,’ gaining a valuable global perspective that can inform their work for years to come.

4. Choosing an Engineering Undergraduate Program Abroad Can Lead to Personal Growth

While studying abroad offers many professional advantages, it’s important not to underestimate the personal benefits either. By expanding your horizons, learning about a new culture, and maybe even a new language, the experience can contribute to your personal growth in a number of ways.

You’ll improve your communication skills, learn to be more open to new ideas and concepts, and become more confident, all while receiving a top quality education from a high ranking global university. And once you graduate and begin your career, these qualities will allow you to stand out from the crowd, helping you find rewarding and lucrative work wherever in the world you want to go next.

Living in a new country can help you grow as a person
Living in a new country can help you grow as a person

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