Academic Programs :

Gap Year in Israel


Spend ten months living, studying, and volunteering at Israel’s most prestigious technical institute:

The Gap Year at Technion International offers high school graduates a 10-month program combining academic studies, leadership development workshops, Jewish studies, community service, cultural experiences, and unforgettable trips.

We offer two tracks for Gap Year in Israel:

1. October 18, 2017 – August, 2018

2. January 10, 2018 – August, 2018

You may choose to participate in either of these tracks (depending on personal preference, date of complete of studies, etc).

Academic program:

Science & Engineering (mandatory):

  • Basic science and engineering academic courses
  • Hebrew studies
  • Social activities
  • Volunteering

Torah, Science & Engineering (optional):

  • Spiritual guidance from Technion’s Rabi. Elad Dokov
  • Gmara lessons and Havruta
  • Hebrew studies
  • Israel and Jewish social activities

We offer basic science and engineering courses, tailored for students who are considering a degree track in Engineering & Science

Volunteering Program:

Technion’s Gap year in Israel includes volunteering work during spring semester break and once a week throughout the academic year. Students will enjoy enriching cultural activities and trips around Israel.


  • During your stay, you will have the opportunity to enjoy guided tours around Israel: Jerusalem, Masada, the Dead Sea, Caesarea, Rosh Hanikra, Acre, Safed, Tel Aviv, the Galilee, the Golan Heights, and more.
  • We will also travel to Jewish Heritage sites: Yad Vashem (the World Holocaust Remembrance Center); Beit Lochamei Hagetaot (Ghetto Fighters’ House Museum); Beit Hatfusot (Museum of the Jewish People) and more

Cultural program:

The cultural program is as diversified as Israel itself: lectures on Israeli culture and society, entrepreneurship, and science, celebration of Jewish Holidays, music and theatre shows, and more.

In addition to TI’s social activities, students will have access to all the cultural events on campus organized by the Technion Student Association (ASAT), giving you the opportunity to socialize with students from Israel and all over the world.

This program is suitable for students who observe the Sabbath and keep Kosher.

Social Activities during the year:


  • Beit Hatfutsot – (The Museum of the Jewish People),
  • Yad Vashem
  • The Ghetto Fighters’ House Museum in Lohamei HaGeta’ot
  • Bialik house
  • Activities for Remembrance Day “Living memory” for Holocaust Day
  •  Lectures on technology entrepreneurship and Biomedical
  •  Lectures on Jewish Culture and Society: Israeli cinema; journalism; Music, politics and more-
  •  Meeting with ‘Buddies’ – in cooperation with Israeli students
  • “Language exchange” Meeting – in cooperation with Israeli students
  •  Eve of Holidays

Travel around Israel:

  • Masada
  • The Dead Sea
  • Jerusalem
  • Golan
  • The Kineret [sea of Galilee]
  • The Galil and more.


Special Activities:

  • For those interested, there will also be an option to take Judaic courses in the religious framework.
  • Leadership Workshop: and life skills: 9 meetings, 5 hours each
  • Twice a semester Technion Shabbat Saturday includes festive Shabbat meals, and other social activities.
  • Once a semester there will be a two-day trip (Thursday until Friday Evening)
  • High-tech laboratories: a combination of ten visits to various high-tech companies and various industries: Wix, Mindspace

* Changes may occur to the opening of the program at the discretion of TI


Application and Admission Process

Application Deadline for January Gap Year Term: December 1, 2017

To begin your application process, click  Apply Now to launch the online application system.


Contact for Admissions or additional questions: Ms. Zehava Solomon: | Tel: +972-77-887-1897

What We Look For

Technion invests in tomorrow’s engineering leaders and is thereby committed to attracting and admitting the best and the brightest. Admission decisions take into account an applicant’s academic performance in math/science as well as their ambitions, excitement and extra-curricular talents and achievements.

Admission Requirements


  • Completed Application Form
  • Secondary school diploma and transcripts (students should have a strong background in math/science)
  • High school Physics (required) and Chemistry (recommended)
  • Two teacher recommendation letters*
  • Standardized test scores depending on your country of origin (SAT, AST or ACT,  or GAO-KAO (Science))
  • Resume with two passport sized photos
  • Personal essay
  • Students who are a non-native English speakers must also submit English proficiency test scores, either TOEFL or IELTS (see below for required minimum and recommended score)
  • $100 (USD) non-refundable application fee

*An original copy must be sent directly from the evaluator. At least one letter should be from a mathematics or science teacher.

** As part of the admission requirements, strong candidates for the program will also undergo a personal interview.

Please take note: It is the student’s responsibility to check the validity and applicability of credits, granted in the Technion Gap Year program, with the institution into which they intend to enroll for tertiary/first degree studies.

English Proficiency Tests

Since the academic program at Technion International is taught entirely in English, applicants are required to demonstrate their English proficiency before they enroll. Applicants from high-schools where English is not the primary language of instruction are recommended to submit official copies of their scores on the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) or an equivalent test, such as the IELTS (International English Language Testing System), the SAT Reasoning, or ACT Plus Writing Test. We will hold an English proficiency tests at Shantou and Beijing, China. Dates for these tests will be announced in advance.

Required Scores on English Proficiency Tests

Recommended  Minimum
TOEFL – Paper Based Test (PBI) 600 550
TOEFL – Computer Based Test (CBT) 230 188
TOEFL- Internet Based Test (IBT) 85 80
IELTS 6.5 6.0


Candidates applying from the USA or from high schools taught according to the American system, must take a standardized test (SAT or ACT) before applying. Technion International has minimum test score requirements for the math section as detailed below. Those who take subject tests may send their results in as well.

Required Scores on Standardized Tests

Recommended Math Minimum Math
 SAT- Math section 700 630
ACT- Math section 30 27



1. October 18, 2017 – August, 2018: $20,000/year


2. January 10, 2018 – August, 2018: $19,000/year

Cost includes: Tuition, Campus Fees, Accommodation, Volunteering Program, Trips & Social Activities, and Health Insurance.

To apply:

 *Fees are subject to change.

**Scholarships are available based on academic merit and financial need.

* Opening of the program is contingent on the number of registered students.

Additional Expenses

Please note that tuition fees do not cover applicants’ airfare, meals, the cost of textbooks and other expenses (not including housing, detailed above). We estimate these expenses at $5,000 (USD) per year.

Academic Curriculum

Students will have the opportunity to take optional religious studies courses as well as participate in prayer in the mornings and evenings.

In addition to coursework, there will be activities, seminars, trips and exciting workshops for the students.

2. October 2017 – August 2018 Program

Winter semester

  • 314533 – Introduction to Materials Engineering
  • Humanities course (optional)
  • Hebrew course (optional)
  • Sport course (optional)

Spring semester

  • 234126 Computer Language C
  • 104003 Calculus 1
  • 097657 Organizations and Entrepreneurship
  • Humanities course (optional)
  • Hebrew course (optional)
  • Sport course (optional)


2. January 2018 – August 2018 Program

Mini winter semester (compressed courses)

  • 125001 General Chemistry
  • 114051 Physics 1

Spring semester

  • 234126 Computer Language C
  • 104003 Calculus 1
  • 097657 Organizations and Entrepreneurship
  • Humanities course (optional)
  • Hebrew course (optional)
  • Sport course (optional)


Spring Break: Exams; Kibbutz experience- Volunteering (two weeks); Trips