Funding & Postdoctoral Fellowships

135-Grad. Student, Moshe Mishali, Electrical Engineering

The following is a list of postdoctoral funding opportunities* available through the Technion and by external organizations

(*please note that amounts are in US dollars unless otherwise specified):

1) Fully funded by the trainee’s host faculty member. In this track, the starting date is flexible. The maximum amount of scholarship is determined by the host faculty member: about $40,000 a year. The length of the course must be greater than 6 months.

2) Supported through  Technion Funds (with partial host participation in funding required): In this track, funding is available through the following scholarships: The Lady Davis Trust, Aly-Kaufman Fund, Zeff Fund, Fine Trust, and other Technion Scholarship Funds. The trusts grant a scholarship up to the maximum amount, including reimbursement of airfare. The Lady Davis Trust also provides $100 per month towards lodging expenses. The Aly-Kaufman, Zeff, and Fine Funds also grant $1,500 a year towards participation in conferences held abroad. Application Deadline: applications are received until December 1 each year. The course starting date is October 1 of the following year. These scholarships must be for the duration of more than one year and up to two years.

3) Guangdong Technion Fellowship Technion is offering outstanding postdoctoral students an exciting career opportunity backed up by a generous fellowship to conduct their research at the Guangdong Technion Institute of Technology (GTIT). Following a postdoctoral position at Technion will strengthen your curriculum vitae and improve your prospects of obtaining a permanent post by the end of the fellowship, at China’s new academic research and innovation facility – GTIT – being built in Shantou, Guangdong.  For more information contact:

4) The PBC Fellowships for Outstanding Postdoctoral Researchers from China and India is a two-year scholarship that can be extended for a third year. The starting date is November (if the arrival date is postponed, so too does the period of the scholarship). The amount of scholarship is about $28,000 a year. Candidates must fill out an application form and attach all relevant documents. Please review the Regulations & Guidelines.

5) CHE/ PBC Fellowship for Postdoctoral Researchers from Taiwan offers 2 three-year fellowships for outstanding postdoctoral researchers from Taiwan starting in the 2014/2015 academic year. The amount of the fellowship will be no less than $28,000 a year per (based on 2014/15 rates) for a period of up to three years: about $19,000 per year of this sum will be provided by the CHE/PBC, and a sum amounting to no less than $9,000 per year will be provided by Technion. The fellowship is intended to cover room, board and living expenses. Submission of candidacy to the CHE/PBC will be done solely through the Ministry of Education in Taiwan. More information is available here

6) École Polytechnique has opened a “Postdoc Grant” Program for 2014, open to post-doc students from its partner universities (among them, Technion). It is offering grants to young researchers for the academic year 2014-2015 for the duration of 12 months each, starting from October 2014. The application deadline is the 11th of March 2014. The grant is addressed to young researchers who have received or are expecting a PhD diploma in the 2013-2014 academic year, and are conducting their PhD diploma at a partner institution of École Polytechnique. Review admission conditions and application procedure here Download an application form

7) The US Government’s Fulbright Program is part of the United States-Israel Educational Foundation, and is considered one of the world’s most prestigious and widely-known academic exchange programs. The program was initiated in 1946 by Senator J. William Fulbright to strengthen the basis for peace by enhancing mutual understanding between the people of the United States and the peoples of partner countries around the world. The fund grants scholarships to American citizens doing their post-doctoarl studies at Technion. More information is available here

8) The Second Authority for Television & Radio is the public authority that supervises commercial broadcasting in Israel, is offering scholarships to encourage research in the field of communications named after the late Zevulun Hammer. The Zevulun Hammer Scholarship is open to postdoctoral students in the fields of communications, business administration (the topic of media economics), public policy (media and telecom regulations), political science, economics, psychology, sociology, law and education to submit proposals for research that may contribute to the work of the Authority. Scholarships range from $1,400 to $5,500. For more information contact: More about the Authority can be found here

9) Coleman-Cohen Trust grants scholarships to postdoctoral trainees with Ph.D. degrees from universities in England. The amount of the scholarship varies and is obtained through a special committee which meets for this purpose.

10) The Scholarship for Graduates of the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering from the University of Toronto is given to students continuing their studies at Technion.The amount of the scholarship is about $50,000 (cdn) per year including up to $10,000 (cdn) for travel expenses. The application deadline is April 1 each year.

11) Danish-Israeli Study Foundation in Memory of Josef and Regine Nachemsohn General Description: The Danish – Israeli Study Foundation in memory of Josef and Regine Nachemsohn is offering scholarships to Danish students seeking further studies at universities and other institutions of higher learning in Israel and to Israeli student wanting to study at institutes of higher learning in Denmark. Please note that scholarships are not intended for Danish citizens with permanent residence status in Israel wanting to study in Israel or Denmark or likewise, Israeli citizens with permanent residence in Denmark wanting to study in Israel. Interested students must apply before December 31, 2014. The scholarship will be attributed in the spring hereafter. Candidates will be required to submit their application in 5 copies to: Carsten R. Christiansen Director Ny Vestergade 17 DK-1471 Copenhagen K. Denmark The application for the scholarship can be found (in Danish and English) on the following site: Contact: For more information please contact the office of Carsten R. Christiansen,Director at: Tel: +0045 33 12 79 13 ; Fax: +0045 33 93 03 13;

Other Sources of Funding

Citizens of EU Member Countries are invited to check EURAXESS, a program by the European Commission intended to increase mobility within EU partner countries, which also encourages and funds academic visits to Israel. EURAXESS-Israel offers up-to-date information about funding resources, research opportunities and practical information for academic visitors of all ranks from all EU countries who are interested in pursuing research in Israel. To learn about opportunities through EURAXESS-Israel click here