Balancing Studying and Sightseeing During a Gap Year Program in Israel

gap year program in Israel

It’s no secret that studying abroad is a good chance to go and have fun. Living far from home in a new country with a lot of interesting places to explore is the perfect time to broaden your horizons, make new friends, and enjoy yourself.

Of course, for ambitious students hoping for big things after they finish school, there’s a case to be made that a gap year away shouldn’t be all fun, all the time. There’s an important role that academics can play in the experience, too.

Want to learn a little more about why and how to balance studying and sightseeing during a gap year program? Here’s what you need to know –

Studying Hones Your Skills and Prepares You For University

The final two years of high school are filled with stress to improve grades, learn as much as possible, and get as high a score as possible on your tests, so it is understandable that a gap year could be a nice escape from study. After taking a gap year, many students find the transition into rigorous and demanding university programs very difficult, and feel out of depth and overwhelmed. Ignoring academics completely during a gap year can thus be detrimental, which is why Technion International’s Gap Year program includes university level courses. Amongst the heaps of fun and touring students will be doing, they will also explore interesting subjects, keeping their minds sharp, and earning internationally recognised course credits at the same time.

If you’re scientifically or technologically inclined, Technion International’s gap year program in Israel is ideal. It includes basic science and engineering courses as a part of its mandatory schedule, which is perfect for helping you to explore your passion and stay college-ready.

A good gap year program can help you stay sharp for when you attend college

A good gap year program can help you stay sharp for when you attend college

Breaking up Sightseeing & Cultural Activities Can Make You Appreciate the Experience More

There are endless activities to try in Israel, with opportunities aplenty to dive deep into the region’s rich history, and explore the exciting and inventive culture that permeates the country. However, some travellers can experience “cultural fatigue” if too much is taken on too quickly.

An overly ambitious tourist itinerary could lead you to enjoy your adventures less

An overly ambitious tourist itinerary could lead you to enjoy your adventures less

Choosing a gap year program that achieves a balance between fun and academics can encourage you to take a little more time and even be a little more selective with what you choose to visit and when. Students enrolled in these programs will likely find themselves less susceptible to becoming culturally overloaded, and be better able to appreciate the experience, both during and after.

Great Gap Year Programs are Structured With an Ideal Balance in Mind

Achieving this kind of balance need not be difficult. The best schools offer a structured program that takes into account the need for cultural exploration and enjoyment, while simultaneously providing opportunities to hone academic ability in preparation for university. Choosing to study abroad in Israel will give you a well-rounded and enriching experience.

The gap year program at Technion International is a fine example of this. Including science and engineering courses, Hebrew language studies, and plenty of social activities, students will explore and grow in leaps and bounds. There is even a volunteering component to the program, giving a meaningful and enriching way to experience and positively contribute to the social fabric of the country.

Enroll, and you can expect to enjoy a refreshing, fun, and stimulating program – a perfect bridge between high school and further study.

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