Field: Software, Social Media, Business

Location: Haifa

General Description: was founded by Anis Abboud in the summer of 2016 (towards the end of his MBA degree) to build a new platform where people can learn any subject in a game environment:

  • Students collect game characters (like Pokemon) called Brainkos (each specializing in one subject), and train & grow them by solving questions with them and competing with other players.
  • Teachers can use Brainkos to easily assign engaging homework by selecting questions from the database or uploading their own, as well as adapt the assignments to each student’s level and track their progress.

Our goal is to make Brainkos an end-to-end solution where students, teachers, and parents work together to help students learn in a fun and personalized way, and protect them from falling behind.
Coming from a computer science background (Technion, Google, University of Maryland), Anis has developed an initial demo of the student game and the teacher app.

The goal over the coming months is to turn this demo into a beta that can be tested in schools, and then build on the success to raise Venture Capital funding to scale the startup.

For this reason, Brainkos is looking to host interns in computer science and marketing/business who are passionate about entrepreneurship and making an impact on education.
As this is an early-stage startup, interns will have the opportunity to make significant contributions and learn about the process of starting a company, while working at a startup hub ( in proximity to other Haifa-based startups.
Computer science interns will gain experience with some of the modern technologies used in the tech startup environment such as Unity (game engine), Angular 2 (app framework), and Python Django (server). (Prior experience is not required.)

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To submit an application please contact: Dana Ben-ari,