Dec 14 2017

3 Professional Advantages of Choosing to Study Engineering Abroad in Israel

Where you choose to study can have important implications for how the rest of your life will unfold....

Nov 02 2017

Why Volunteering is a Crucial Part of Our Gap Year Abroad Program

Doing a gap year program in a foreign country can be a great chance to learn in a new environment an...

Nov 01 2017

2018 Technion School Challenge

Israel Celebrates 70 Years of Independence Rube Goldberg Machine School Challenge Technion – I...

Oct 20 2017

Why Engineering Students Should Learn Computer Languages on Technion’s Gap Year Program

Modern engineers often rely on computer coding languages on a daily basis to build software solution...
study abroad

Sep 28 2017

Getting to Know Israeli Culture Before a Gap Year in Israel

One of the best parts of doing a gap year in another country is getting the chance to explore the lo...
gap year in Israel

Sep 26 2017

What to Expect From Engineering College in Israel

If you have an itch for adventure, but still want to ensure you get a great education, you may be co...
study engineering abroad

Aug 24 2017

Fun Social Activities to Enjoy During Your Gap Year in Israel

A gap year in Israel is a great opportunity to learn useful science or engineering concepts while yo...
gap year for high school graduates

Aug 10 2017

Considering Studying Entrepreneurship Abroad? 2 Tips for Coming Up With Great Ideas

It’s no surprise that hard work and determination are major factors in business success; however, ...

Jul 27 2017

Why a Gap Year in Israel is a Unique Cultural Experience

Graduating high school is an important milestone and achievement. Some students choose to mark this ...

Jul 13 2017

Exploring the World of Construction at Engineering College in Israel

Around the world, more and more people are moving into cities, leading to an increase in the constru...
study abroad in Haifa

Jul 04 2017

Haifa Teen Tech Challenge

HaifaTeenTech challenge for high school students! This is an international initiative for 10-12 grad...

Jan 08 2017

Can a Rube Goldberg Machine win you a scholarship at a prestigious college?

Dec 27 2016

3 Benefits of Architectural Study in Israel in English

Looking for a semester abroad program in architecture? Find out why choosing to study in Israel in E...

Technion International Chrismukkah party 2016

Happy Holidays from all of us here at Technion International! On December 26, Technion International...

Dec 06 2016

Understanding the Innovation Cycle with Entrepreneur Studies in Israel

Innovation is synonymous with entrepreneurship. Learn how entrepreneurship studies in Israel, the st...
entrepreneur studies in Israel

Nov 16 2016

Study Abroad in Israel for the Neubauer Internship Experience

Learn more about the Neubauer Internship, an ideal opportunity for international students to both st...
study abroad in Israel

Nov 03 2016

3 Water and Wastewater Trends You’ll Learn When You Study Engineering Abroad in Israel

Ensuring water quality and availability is a key issue of our times. Learn more about Israel's leadi...
Through Engineering Studies, Israel Shows How to Overcome Climate Issues

Oct 18 2016

Studying Abroad in Israel with Nobel Prize Winners

Did you know that 4 Technion professors and grads have won Nobel Prizes? You could follow in their f...
study in Israel in English

Oct 14 2016

3 Common Misconceptions About Study Abroad Programs In Israel

Are you considering study abroad programs in Israel? If so, check out these three common misconcepti...
Study abroad Programs in Israel

Oct 12 2016

Discovering the Importance of Infrastructure with Civil Engineering Studies in Israel

Infrastructure is an important part of successful societies. Learn more about how civil engineering ...
Civil Engineering

Sep 18 2016

Technion School Challenge

“The Earth is in our Hands” Technion Earth Day 2017 – Rube Goldberg Machine Challe...

Sep 07 2016

3 Start Up Secrets You’ll Learn When You Study Entrepreneurship Abroad

What better place to study entrepreneurship than in Israel - famous for being the "start-up nation"?...
Studying abroad in Israel

Aug 28 2016

Jewish Day School challenge winners

Student-Built Machines Tell Passover Story (Inspired by Technion Rube Goldberg Video) Four teams fro...
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Aug 25 2016

Gap Year at Technion

Spend ten months living, studying, and volunteering at Israel’s most prestigious technical insti...

Aug 23 2016

How Universities in Israel Helped Kick-Start the ‘Start Up Nation’

Rapid Israeli economic growth has earned the country the nickname the ‘Start Up Nation’. Find ou...
Universities have laid the foundations for Israeli industry

Aug 22 2016

Technion International (TI) Celebrates its 2016 Graduating Class

Congratulations to our graduating class of 2016! Graduation ceremony for undergraduates in Civil and...

eBlogging 2016 1st episode

Technion International’s e-Blogging 1st episode is here, see how Lindsey, Tombe, Eitan and Dan set...

Aug 10 2016

4 Ways Choosing to Study Engineering Abroad Helps Your Career Prospects

Considering pursuing an engineering education in Israel? Find out the many surprising ways opting to...

Jul 26 2016

3 Tips to Help You Settle Seamlessly into Life at University in Israel

Interested in studying at University in Israel? Find out how make your transition into Israeli life ...

Jul 18 2016

The Technion City Campus: A Haven for Students Studying Abroad in Haifa

Interested in studying abroad in Haifa? Find out why the Technion City campus provides the perfect s...

Jul 13 2016

5 Great Tourist Attractions to Visit When You Study In Israel

Looking to study in Israel? Learn more about some of the famous cultural landmarks and attractions y...

Jun 29 2016

3 Ways Students Benefit from Studying Abroad in Israel

There are many reasons students consider studying in Israel. For some, it’s the opportunity to exp...

Technion eBlogging 2016 – Trailer

Following last year’s success, Technion International’s new eBlogging trailer is here!...

Jan 25 2016

Technion Jewish Day School Challenge

Announcing Technion’s Jewish Day School Challenge!   We’re excited to invite you to...

Dec 22 2015

2015 Tekla Global BIM Awards Student Competition

Three international students, Nisha, Ashrant and Jiashu, were awarded a “Special Mention”...

Dec 21 2015

Robotics Mini-Mester

Participants in the competition were students from TanenbaumCHAT and Goldwater High School.   O...

Dec 17 2015

Launch of First Israeli University in China

Five thousand in attendance for groundbreaking of Guangdong Technion Israel Institute of Technology ...
GTIIT cornerstone1

Dec 03 2015

Q&A: Dean of Mechanical Engineering

Ask him today about our BSc in Mechanical Engineering!...