Nov 23 2015

The Indian Experience at Technion

Each year, hundreds of students from around the world enroll in international academic programs taug...
Sivan Askayo-Haifa Tech-206

Aug 11 2015

Technion ties with MIT in 8th place for producing Nobel prizewinners

Times of Higher Education reveals top ten universities according the number of Nobel Prizes* awarded...

Jul 02 2015

Technion eBlogging – Chapter 3

In our last eBlogging episode…...

Jul 01 2015

Technion Ambassadors Program (TAP)

Technion Ambassadors Program (TAP) Become a Student Ambassador The Technion Ambassadors Program is a...

Jun 21 2015

“Unveiled” – A Dialog with Dr. Qanta Ahmed

A model of real courage, strength and determination...
Qanta Ahmed_Peretz-web

Jun 18 2015

TI students tour construction site of future Haifa neighborhood

Twenty-two TI students in their third year of the civil engineering 4-year degree program were give...
Almog-Civil Eng Students

Technion eBlogging – Episode 2

Learn all about different “ships” and find out about the best type of university networking you can make!  ...

May 18 2015

Technion eBlogging

 Stay tuned for Technion International’s eBlogging project...

Apr 26 2015

And Then There Was Nano – The smallest Bible in the world

The Shrine of the Book, home of the Dead Sea Scrolls and part of The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, which...

Breakthrough in cancer research

  A new study by Technion researchers, led by distinguished Professor Aaron Ciechanover, may ho...

New technology for early detection of stomach cancer

The innovative method, developed at the Technion, identifies persons at risk for developing stomach ...

Nov 17 2014

Technion Celebrates the Opening of the 2nd Freshman Year in Russian

On Nov. 5, Technion welcomed new Russian students from FSU countries to the start of the Freshman ...
Russian Freshman Year_235x140

May 14 2014

Indian Students e.Xplore Technion

A group of Indian students from the Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati (IITG) and Pandit Deenda...
Given Imaging-235x140

Mar 31 2014

Summer Program Offers 2 New Courses

TIS is opening two new advanced summer school courses in chemistry and civil engineering. The course...
FB-News_Summer School_235x140

Feb 02 2014

Unlocking the Brain’s Secrets Using Sound

  Physical Review X published work by Technion Professors Eitan Kimmel and Shy Shoham, and Ph....

Nov 10 2013

New Freshman Year Program in Science and Engineering in Russian

A First at Technion: 22 students from Russian speaking countries to start a unique Freshman Year pro...
Russian Students 2013_235x140

Oct 15 2013

New Study Track Beginning this Fall at Technion

Technion reopens this Fall with a brand new Medical-Biomedical Engineering study track with 30 stud...
Student Life12

Aug 05 2013

Technion International First Graduating Class

The first graduating class of the Technion International School received BSc degrees in civil and en...
Graduate Students (2)

Jul 09 2013

Dan Shechtman Speaks Entrepreneurship at UN General Assembly

Distinguished Technion Professor and Nobel Laureate Dan Shechtman participated in a United Nations s...
Dan Shechtman Speaks Entrepreneurship at UN General Assembly 235x140

Jul 08 2013

A New International Graduate Studies Program in Chemistry

Technion International School and the Schulich Faculty of Chemistry at Technion are pleased to annou...
ChemTech A New International Graduate Studies Program in Chemistry 235x140

Jul 07 2013

Technion and China Signing of Hanqing International Education Foundation Agreement

An agreement between the Technion and a Chinese educational foundation was signed...
Signing the agreement 235x140

Jul 06 2013

Technion’s Engineers Without Borders (EWB)

EWB-Technion, Israel’s first chapter of the international organization EWB, is expanding. “W...
Technion’s Engineers Without Borders (EWB) 235x140

Jul 05 2013

Technion and Tel Aviv University Join Coursera

Technion and Tel Aviv University (TAU) have become members of Coursera’s network of educational pa...
Technion and Tel Aviv University Join Coursera 235x140

Jul 04 2013

From MIT to the Technion

Fifty students from 12 countries, who are attending MIT’s MBA program, visited Technion for a ...
At Cornell- NYC Tech 235x140

Jul 03 2013

Technion-Cornell Innovation Institute (TCII) : At Cornell- NYC Tech

December 19th, 2011. The eyes of the world focus on New York City and Haifa as a new paradigm of hig...
Technion Publications 235x140

Jul 02 2013

Technion Ranked 1st Worldwide for Innovation in Challenging Environment

Technion was today ranked 6th in the world by a survey conducted by MIT. Technion followed MIT, Stan...
Technion Ranked 1st Worldwide for Innovation235x140

Jul 01 2013

The Technion: Israel’s Hard Drive

In a country known as start-up nation, this is not the only university where students can bury thems...
Israels Hard Drive 235x140

Jun 30 2013

Obama Takes in Technion

On the second day of President Barack Obama’s visit to Israel in March 2013, the U.S. leader viewe...
Obama Takes in Technion