Considering Studying Entrepreneurship Abroad? 2 Tips for Coming Up With Great Ideas

studying entrepreneurship abroad

It’s no surprise that hard work and determination are major factors in business success; however, great ideas play an important role, too. In fact, many successful businesses began with a great idea. Instagram, for instance, was developed to meet an underserved need for social photo sharing, and this proved to be a very popular idea. The service now has over a billion users worldwide.

As entrepreneurial spirits know, good ideas can often be difficult to come by. How do some people seem to churn out good ideas regularly? Often, they follow a few strategies that are helpful for generating great concepts.

Here are some strategies that could help you uncover great ideas.

Think of Things that Might Solve Common Problems

A good piece of advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is to concentrate on providing a solution to a common problem. Many people will be eager for a solution to that problem and will likely spend money with companies who can help. The enormous popularity of companies offering ingredient and recipe meal kit services is a great example of this in action. Many people want to cook at home, but don’t want to look up recipes or worry about buying all of the right ingredients. Meal kit companies, such as Blue Apron, for example, take care of those problems, allowing customers to enjoy hassle-free cooking.

Studying Entrepreneurship abroad is a great way to break out of your routine and engage in this kind of problem-solving exercise. You might learn about a way that your host country solves a common problem that exists back home. Building on this idea and customizing it to fit the needs of your own target demographic could provide you with a great base for starting a new business. Great ideas can come from many different places and experiencing as much as possible is a great way to get inspiration.

entrepreneur studies in Israel
Go to school in a new place to break your routine and discover solutions to common problems

Study Entrepreneurship at a School That Many Tech Leaders Attended

If you’re hoping to become a successful entrepreneur, it’s a good idea to study in a place where people with big ideas are welcomed and encouraged to grow.

Consider completing your entrepreneur studies in Israel, at Technion International University. Israel has become known as a “start-up nation” thanks to its consistent ability to develop successful new tech start-ups in everything from cyber security, to social networking for fashion, and beyond. Additionally, about 85% of Israel’s tech space is employed by graduates of Technion, demonstrating the school’s particular ability to nurture the aspirations of young tech and business talent. With a tuition that is competitive compared to many schools in America, Technion represents a perfect opportunity for young dreamers to enter a hub of great ideas at little financial cost.

study in Haifa
Study among other ambitious individuals to improve your odds of uncovering good ideas

Learning the art and science of entrepreneurship can lead to amazing opportunities.

Study in Haifa, at Technion International University, for a top entrepreneurship education!