Discovering the Importance of Infrastructure with Civil Engineering Studies in Israel

Civil Engineering

Governments have understood the importance of investing in infrastructure since ancient times—aqueducts and roads supporting businesses and communities of ancient Greece and Rome still stand today. These interdependent networks and systems ensure the smooth functioning of society, enabling economic vitality, the efficient flow and conservation of natural resources, and the comfort and safety of both residents and visitors.

Civil engineering is a fundamental component of a country’s strength, establishing essential facilities, services, and organizational structures that promote the well-being, mobility, and development of any society. It plays a particularly important role in Israel, where civil engineering operations and industries contribute significantly to the nation’s GNP. Learning from world renowned faculty at Technion, students at this Israel Institute of Technology acquire the underlying knowledge of science and engineering to meet infrastructure creation and modernization challenges of the twenty-first century.

Broaden your Knowledge Through Civil Engineering Studies in Israel

Civil engineering is a broad field of engineering that may complement specialty areas including the structural planning and marine transport aspects of mechanical engineering, energy development and aerospace engineering. Civil engineers may be involved in planning, designing, operating and maintaining a wide variety of facilities and systems and so their training is necessarily vast.

Students earn a broad knowledge when studying civil engineering
Students earn a broad knowledge when studying civil engineering

The field integrates studies in construction engineering, building and resource management, geotechnology, environmental and traffic engineering, geodesy, and much more. In civil engineering studies in Israel, students gain a foundation in mathematics, physics, chemistry and computer programming before learning relevant technologies and advanced applications in each key field of civil engineering.

Unique Benefits Gained When you Study Civil Engineering in Israel

Since Israel was established, there has been steady growth of the civilian, industrial, and agriculture sectors in the country. There is currently an infrastructure boom in Israel, laying the foundation for future economic success. Unique challenges in developing Israel’s infrastructure include its relatively rapidly expanding population within a small physical area. Development thus requires additional infrastructures rather than improvements on existing ones, with sufficient strategic foresight to maintain environmental values and improve quality of life.

Innovative practices to forecast usage and optimize material use include the simulation of building conditions, the integration of more sustainable materials and construction processes, and computerized “smart” materials that can adapt to changing conditions and provide real-time information to system administrators. Significant research is ongoing to determine renewable resource alternatives and deploy cleaner and greener technologies.

Careers in Infrastructure Development When You Study Civil Engineering Abroad

With so many branches of civil engineering, there is great opportunity for students to specialize in areas that they are most passionate about. Students may choose to focus in subdisciplines such as water resources and hydraulic engineering, mapping and geo-information engineering, environmental engineering, or transportation engineering.

Students choose to study civil engineering abroad to be exposed to unique challenges, working methods and instructional expertise. Emerging nations throughout the world are implementing record levels of infrastructure development, creating exciting opportunities for graduates to apply their knowledge on important and prestigious projects. Technion’s particular technological expertise offers students an especially innovative learning environment.

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