Fun Social Activities to Enjoy During Your Gap Year in Israel

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A gap year in Israel is a great opportunity to learn useful science or engineering concepts while you are away from home. Just as importantly, it’s an opportunity to have fun exploring a new culture and trying new things you might not otherwise get to experience.

While away in Israel, there are a number of great activities you can take part in that are both culturally enriching and fun. Here are some activities you can participate in.

Enjoy Israeli Cinema During Your Gap Year in Israel

For fans of arts and culture, taking the time to view some Israeli cinema is an essential part of a gap year within the country. Israel has a long tradition of quality filmmaking, ranking in the top 10 countries in the world for nominations for the “Best Foreign Language Film” Academy Award, with 10 nominations in total as of 2017.

Most Israeli films are released in Hebrew, though there are several cinemas within the country that offer screenings with English subtitles. Going to some of these screenings with friends can be a great way to learn a little more about the culture of Israel, and also gives you a fun way to pick up some Hebrew during your gap year.

Attend Israeli Music Performances During Your Gap Year

If you are someone who enjoys adding interesting new music to your collection, you will likely find that a gap year in Israel is a rewarding experience. Musicians within the country are known to draw from influences from Europe and Asia, as well as the rest of the world, to create interesting new sounds and songs as part of a growing and developing Israeli tradition. The country is also a notable participant in the annual Eurovision Song Contest, winning three times. Its last victory came in 1998, with the song “Diva,” by Dana International. Check it out here:

Music is a very important part of Israeli culture, so if you want to make friends with locals, seeing a favourite local group or artist with your peers is a great idea. Israeli music has something for everyone, from folk to hip hop, and even rather unique offerings, like Orthodox and Hassidic rock. Don’t miss out!

Spend Time at The Dead Sea During Your Gap Year

Few things are as much fun as enjoying surf and sun with friends, and Israel’s Dead Sea offers a seaside experience unlike any other in the world. The sea is famous for its high salt content, and swimming in it is more like leisurely floating than anything strenuous. It’s something that most visitors to the country make a point of experiencing, and is certainly worth trying during a study and volunteering program in Israel.

Consider going to the Neve Midbar or Ein Gedi beaches while in the area. Neve Midbar offers a fairly familiar, sandy-beach experience for people looking to have a good time laying out in the sun or having fun in the water. Ein Gedi’s rocky shore isn’t quite as ideal for those types of beach activities, but a quality source of the Dead Sea’s famous mud can be found just a short distance away.

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A day at the Dead Sea is a must for students during their gap year in Israel

Want to make sure you cross a fun day at the Dead Sea off your list of things to do? The gap year program at Technion International includes a trip to the sea as part of the itinerary. Sign up and you’ll have a trip planned out for you to enjoy this one-of-a-kind experience.

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