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Tales from Abroad

Tales from Abroad

Tales from Abroad Studying abroad provides a double benefit for students: in addition to the academic benefits of a study experience at a university abroad and strengthening language skills, students experience tremendous personal growth. We encourage our out-bound students participating on exchange programs to share with us their experience – for the benefit of other Technionites thinking about applying for an exchange program abroad.

First in GIST – My Amazing South Korean Experience

Tales from abroad 1Written by: Shereen Sirhan, Student at the Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management “I enjoyed every minute of my stay in Gwangju: I learned many new practical skills in the laboratory, and gained more academic experience and proficiencies. I met new people, enjoyed interacting with them, discussed different issues and learned a lot from our similarities and differences. The internship was very useful for me on many levels. Therefore, I strongly recommend other students to try this experience, and hope they will enjoy and learn as much as I did.” Continue reading…

Writing Contest

During the month of August 2013, TIS ran a prize-winning contest for students willing to share their exchange program experiences. The winning articles won an indulging breakfast for two. We were happy to receive many articles from our students. Read the two winning stories below:Tales from Abroad

Time Goes By Fast When You’re Having Fun

Written by: Shachar Peretz, Student at the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering “Over the past six months I’ve experienced many things ‘for the first time,’ for example, my first Passover in the snow, running in temperatures below 10 degrees, no more ‘Sunday Blues’, and not to mention the first time I ever celebrated my birthday outside of Israel without surrounded by family and best buddies.” Continue reading…

Tales from Abroad

An All Canadian Greeting

Written by: Amin Yassin and Igor Groshkin, Students at the Faculty of Architecture & Town Planning “During this trip we had the opportunity to make lasting professional relationships with Canadian architects and succeeded in getting their recommendations and support for our chosen professional paths. For us this yielded future prospects such as acceptance for an internship position at the prestigious SOM offices in San Francisco three months after we returned from Canada!” Continue reading…