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Haifa Teen Tech Challenge


HaifaTeenTech challenge for high school students!

This is an international initiative for 10-12 grade students; for developing innovators and researchers as the next generation of High-Tech industries.

Dates: December 12-24, 2017

HaifaTeenTech nurtures the new innovator who aspires to put an idea into practice and a plan into action.

HaifaTeenTech is seeking the following attributes in the young innovator: rudimentary knowledge of logic-based subjects – math, biology, physics and computers as well as technological subjects such as: robotics, mechanics and a good knowledge of English.

HaifaTeenTech is looking for a group of young people, who consider themselves courageous and believe they possess learning abilities, innovative charactaristics and an ability to interact at work as a team.

HaifaTeenTech encourages success through a process of overcoming fears and dealing with them appropriately.

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