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Technion is a world leading technological university ranked among the top 50 Science & Engineering universities in the world (Shanghai Ranking) with three Nobel Laureates among its faculty who have received their awards in the past decade.

Our BSc in Mechanical Engineering program begins in August 2016.

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Mechanical engineering is concerned with the design, development and manufacturing of mechanical systems and processes to advance modern industry and emerging technologies while taking into account social, environmental and economic factors. Virtually every object in our lives has been touched by mechanical engineers, from the design of mobile phones, cars, furnaces, airplanes, sports equipment, power tools, sophisticated robots, medical devices and computers to the operation of power plants, factories, and airports.

Mechanical engineering track of study at Technion includes specializations in: solid mechanics, dynamics, mechatronics, control, micro electro-mechanical systems, and robotics.

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“I chose Technion because of the expertise of Israel and Israeli universities in high end research and development projects, which are a prime objective of mine. TIS is very lively compared to the rest of the Technion. The individual attention that is given is remarkable. I have a great opportunity to meet completely different societies and cultures.”

Ashkay from India has been accepted to graduate studies at Stanford University