How to Choose Study Abroad Programs That Offer Long-term Benefits

Studying abroad in Haifa

Making the choice to study abroad is more than just electing to go off, explore, and enjoy yourself a bit during your time at school. Choosing a good study abroad experience is something that can pay off for many years to come, leading to exciting new opportunities and great levels of personal growth that you’re sure to appreciate throughout your life.

Wondering how you can make sure that you choose a study abroad opportunity that will provide you with the fullest benefits? Here’s how to make a choice that you’ll appreciate for a lifetime.

Pick a Program That Will Let You Explore New Things

Personal growth is often one of the main goals of an individual heading out to study abroad, and it’s something that typically comes after exposure to something new. It might result from confronting a new challenge, getting to know a different culture, or from some other eye-opening experience you’re less likely to enjoy while at home. Heading out to study abroad, it’s important to give thought to this element of the experience. What study destination might help you broaden your perspective?

Choosing to study abroad in Haifa, Israel, for instance, can grant you access to a number of interesting cultural excursions and events, in a culture that is distinct from back home, yet comfortable and welcoming. Institutions like Technion International will even include trips to historical sites, museums and other important locations as a part of the program, helping put you on the path to personal growth that will last a lifetime.

study abroad programs
Programs that offer access to cultural activities can help you explore the world and grow

Focus on Study Abroad Programs With Great Academic Reputations, Too

For many people, cultural exploration and personal development are important highlights of study abroad programs, but it’s important not to forget that you’ll be in school while you’re away. Attending an institution that offers strong academics is essential to ensuring that your educational growth continues uninterrupted, and that you can develop the wealth of skills necessary for future professional success.

Consider the academic ranking of your university when you elect to study abroad, and pay particular attention to its placement for your subjects of academic interest to ensure you can get a top-quality education while away.

You might even be surprised at how good the offerings are. For example, students of science and engineering can find a world-class education at Technion – Israel Institute of Technology. Ranking 44th for science, in the top 75 for engineering, and among the top 100 universities in the world according to the 2017 Shanghai Academic Rankings, the institution presents not only the opportunity to study abroad, but might even be a chance to “trade up” academically.

Make Location an Important Part of Your Decision

Different people have different wants or needs in terms of a study destination, and it’s important to choose a location based upon what you want in particular. Do you want to study in a quaint little student town, or in the middle of an exciting city where big things happen? Are you someone who wants a diverse climate, or does the idea of spending your time abroad in the sun sound more appealing? Comfort may seem momentary, but how comfortable you are is going to influence how you look back on your time abroad, so don’t ignore this important element.

For most students, who probably want a bit of excitement and a nice warm climate to enjoy, choosing to study in Haifa, Israel will likely be near to perfect. With beautiful weather, easy access to many beautiful beaches, and a small but thriving city to enjoy, Haifa offers a lot to fall in love with, and is the perfect backdrop for incredible memories that you will want to carry with you throughout your life.

study in Haifa
Haifa is an idyllic blend of city life, a nice climate, and easy access to beautiful beaches

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