New Freshman Year Program in Science and Engineering in Russian

A First at Technion: 22 students from Russian speaking countries to start a unique Freshman Year program in Russian with an intensive Hebrew language course preparing them with language skills to integrate in Technion’s regular Hebrew study tracks from their second year.

The program has been modeled after the Freshman Year Program in Science and Engineering in English run through the Technion International School for international students interested in studying science, technology and engineering at Technion. This full one year program focuses on the hard sciences and an introduction to all engineering fields, and includes a four-month preparatory program to strengthen student’s knowledge of mathematics and physics, as well as an intensive Hebrew language course taught throughout the year, totaling 400 hours. Upon successfully completing the Freshman Year program, students are well prepared to apply to transfer into Technion’s regular undergraduate study tracks in Hebrew offered through the university’s 18 faculties.

The Russian program is run and managed by the Technion International School, and was developed in cooperation with the “Massa” and “Nativ” organizations, in conjunction with the Ministry of Education, which is responsible for the Hebrew portion of the program. All of the students were carefully hand-picked for this unique opportunity, which began six months ago.

The first cohort of the Russian speaking program, consisting of 22 honor-role students aged 17-25 from Russia, the Ukraine, Belarus and Moldovia, began their studies at Technion in October. They arrived to Israel three months earlier and participated in exciting cultural programs especially designed for them that include trips around Israel (to the country’s main tourist sites as well as its 5 universities), seminars and lectures outlining the study options available to them.

The program was officially inaugurated at a ceremony held on October 29. Among the guests attending the inauguration ceremony, were Technion President, Professor Pertez Lavie, Professor Arnon Bentur, the Head of the Technion International School, Ariel Geva, Director of the Technion International School, Director of the “Nativ” organization, Ms. Naomi Ben-Ami, Dr. Sarah Rubinstein from the Ministry of Education, and others.

Professor Arnon Bentur, said: “One of the main goals of this program is to encourage students to integrate into the university as regular Technion students. If they do so, they will be eligible for financial assistance from the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption – full funding of their studies at the Technion. In addition, we are recruiting students who are not eligible for aliyah benefits, to come to study at the Technion for its high academic quality.”