Field: Web Developer, Marketing

Location: Haifa

General Description:

Onysus empowers the creative industry by providing easy access to computer vision. Our patented platform enables anyone to create immersive experiences using augmented reality, virtual reality and gesture recognition – with little to no technical skills required, in an environment that is visual and intuitive yet strong enough to create complex systems and applications supporting real-time body and face tracking, augmented reality, gesture recognition, real-time physics and a whole array of visual effects.

We are looking with interns that have an open mind and willingness to learn new things, in the past we had extremely positive experience with interns (we’ve had interns from the USA, Russia, Belarus, ect) and really enjoy seeing them develop new abilities while working with us. We also provide lunch 😉

We are looking for:

C++ Developer: Develop applications that use computer vision and will be exposed to the latest technologies in the field.

Web Developer: Experience with JavaScript and / or NodeJS. The Web developer will work with the design team to create engaging web experiences using  CV, image processing and more.

Marketing – Content Creation: Create marketing materials such as blog posts, social media campaigns and web content.

Marketing – Market Research: Research new potential markets and experiment with different methodologies.

Company Website

To submit an application please contact: Dana Ben-ari, neubauer@int.technion.ac.il