Partnership and Exchange:

Opportunities for Visiting Students

IMG_1813 w34036_Ilana Sanvato_student IEM2 w340“The whole of science is nothing more than a refinement of everyday thinking”. Albert Einstein

The Technion International School serves as a hub for all international academic visitors to the Technion.

We are eager to facilitate a visit to the Technion for all academic visitors, at all stages of an academic career. This can include undergraduate or graduate students coming to the Technion for a semester or a year, undergraduate or graduate students coming for a research experience in one of the Technion labs or with one of the Technion’s faculty members, or post-docs and faculty members at other universities interested in coming the Technion for an academic visit. Visitors benefit from Technion’s top league scientific standards and experience an exciting academic life at the Technion and in Israel.

Undergraduate and Graduate students wishing to visit the Technion for a semester or a year should contact the Visiting Student Coordinator:
Mrs. Orna Nagan Hillman:

All visitors must obtain approval by their Home University and the Technion International School (TIS). Once academic approval is obtained the TIS office can assist with housing and other local arrangements.

Academic visits can take several forms:

  • Exchange Students from Partner Universities are students visiting within the framework of a Student Exchange agreement with another University. Students must apply to their Home University and to the Technion International School. For a list of partner universities click here. For a description of the program and a course listings in English click here
  • Visiting Students from non-partner universities can come within the framework of their Home University Study-Abroad program. For a description of the program and course listings in English click here
  • Visiting Research Students can visit the Technion for specific academic research objectives. A Technion faculty member must agree to host a visiting research student. For more information click here
  • Summer Programs Students can come for a summer to the Technion. Please note that summer programs are not part of student exchange programs. You can find the summer programs under Academic Programs here
  • Medical School Students can visit the Technion for a clinical rotation at the Technion Faculty of Medicine. Such visits are managed by the  Medical Student Association. For more information click here

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Additional Information:

Housing information is available here

Scholarships Available

The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs offers scholarships to international students and academic visitors to Technion from multiple countries.  Visitors must be under the age of 35, hold a BA or BSc degree (or higher) and have a good record of academic achievement. Candidates must be citizen of one of the following countries: Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada (Province of Quebec), China, Colombia, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, Lithuania, Latvia, Luxembourg, Mexico, Moldova, The Netherlands, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Republic of Serbia, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland and Turkey.
Contact information:
Tel: +972-2-666-4646

The United States-Israel Education (Fulbright) Foundation (USIEF) awards grants to US citizens for post-graduate study and research in Israel. To learn more about the program click hereThese awards are an excellent platform for visiting the Technion. Holders of Bachelor’s or Master’s degree may apply for these scholarships. Candidates still studying for a  Bachelor degree are eligible for this scholarship if they complete their studies and receive their degree prior to their planned study at Technion. Doctoral students who have completed their doctoral degree at the time of application are not eligible for these scholarships.